'Avengers: Endgame' director Joe Russo opened up about why Tony Stark had to die in the final film. In a sense, his entire story arc was building up to that moment. For most fans, it was almost impossible to say goodbye to the character they grew up with, at the end of 'Avengers: Endgame.' Tony Stark, the man, and was an icon who started it all, but put the world ahead of himself and snapped his fingers and put an end to Thanos for good. While very heartbreaking, both Anthony and Joe Russo knew that Tony Stark was going to have to give up his life.

Co-director Joe Russo discussed Stark's death at The Second City in Chicago as part of the "We Love You 3000 Tour." For Russo, Tony's death was not just a spur-of-the-moment decision. Russo said that Stark was always destined to die and that today's culture gets upset about what he said. As a hero, your job is to die. A hero sacrifices himself for the greater good. Joe Russo said that they wanted to teach moviegoers that it boils down to either being in it for yourself or others. Tony was clearly in it for the community.

Tony Stark proved himself a real hero

While Tony's final moments were always in the books, it still appears to be something that moved Russo emotionally. Russo told the audience that as a father it's difficult to witness a character make a decision that will cost him his life and his daughter losing her father and his wife losing her husband.

However, superheroes have to look past their personal interests and make tough decisions. Joe Russo said that we should aspire to be like him and that Stark was a complicated man and strong hero.

While Tony Stark was not the only original Avenger to sacrifice themselves, the same points could be applied to Black Widow, whose sacrifice is similar to Tony's in the fight to stop Thanos.

While she was not the one to snap her fingers and end Thanos, without her sacrifice there would be no Soul Stone to make the final snaps possible.

The reality of Tony's death tugged at moviegoers heartstrings

What may have really hurt fans the most about losing these characters is the fact we've been attached to these characters for 10 years.

Russo has made comments about this being a unique factor in filmmaking in today's Hollywood, in which moviegoers are asking for that with an emotional journey. Russo drew comparisons from killing off a character in the latest season of 'Stranger Things,' to the impact of killing a character midway in a traditional two-hour film like 'Endgame.'

The 'We Love You 3000' tour is a celebration for the in-home release of 'Avengers: Endgame.' Marvel Studios and 'Endgame' directors Anthony and Joe Russo came together to thank fans for being so deeply invested in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and turning it into the most successful franchise in film history.