Jeff Mayweather, the uncle of Floyd Mayweather Jr., is lukewarm on the possibility of his nephew coming back from retirement, but if he does unretire, the only logical fight for the undefeated American boxer is against his long-time adversary Manny Pacquiao.

The Mayweather family came in full force on Saturday at the Nevada Boxing Hall of Fame, as Jeff, Floyd and other members of the prestigious boxing family celebrated the induction of Floyd Mayweather Sr. to the organization.

During the red carpet entrance, Jeff was in a joyous mood in an interview with radio host Helen Yee of “Eyes on the Game,” reveling the glorious night for the Mayweathers and discussing the future for his nephew, who is reportedly considering a boxing comeback for another showdown with Pacquiao.

Don't rule out MayPac II

With Pacquiao’s scintillating split-decision win over Keith Thurman, he not only added another belt to his collection, but he also put himself in the conversation for another big-money slugfest with Mayweather.

The hype surrounding a second bout between Mayweather and Pacquiao got rekindled when the two legendary boxers exchanged verbal jabs on social media platforms. Mayweather, who already cleared that he’s not ruling out a comeback, even posted an Instagram video of himself working out in his gym, as if he’s hinting on a possible return in boxing.

When asked about his thoughts on the hoopla surrounding his nephew, Jeff clarified that the video Floyd posted was old and stressed that his nephew has no intention of fighting in the ring again.

“First of all, that video was old, that wasn’t a new video. As far as I know, Floyd is done,” Mayweather told Helen Yee.

Still, Jeff isn’t 100 percent sure about his nephew’s mindset right now. With Pacquiao gaining a lot of momentum from his recent form, the lure of cashing in on another $100+ million paycheck might draw Floyd Mayweather out of his retirement.

“But Floyd is, no one really knows. I can’t speak for him, only Floyd can speak for himself, especially when it comes to that because like I said I never thought he’s going to fight Conor McGregor. Of course, now that a Pacquiao fight is a possibility, I think if he was to come back to fight, Pacquiao should be the only guy he should fight and walk away for good,” Jeff added in the interview.

Move on Jeff, Keith

Pacquiao had gone through several grudge and trilogies throughout his illustrious boxing career. Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik Morales, and Timothy Bradley are the only four boxers who were given the opportunity to dance with Pacquiao in the ring more than once. Obviously, Pacquiao wants Mayweather to be on the list, but that's another discussion.

But as far as Jeff Horn and Keith Thurman go, Pacquiao has no interest in fighting them again, according to his manager Sean Gibbons.

“No. Nothing to prove. [Thurman] had his shot. Game over. Horn who? Another desperate guy,” Gibbons told to Boxing Scene.

Gibbons reiterated that the only fight his client would love to accept right away is with Floyd Mayweather, and that’s something he’s trying to make while Pacman is in recess from boxing.