The moves the Chicago Cubs have made so far this trade deadline have left many wondering "is that it?" Derek Holland and David Phelps are both good, but far from great additions to the bullpen. What the team's fans really want to see is another bat added to a lineup that has been scuffling for most of the second half of the season.

The good news is that the latest MLB trade rumors indicate the Cubs are still very much looking to make an addition. The bad news is that the loudest whispers of all indicate the team isn't going to be pulling off a blockbuster Whit Merrifield sized move.

Chicago Cubs targeting top of the order

Anyone who has followed the Cubs this season knows their biggest offensive issue has been having someone at leadoff who could consistently reach base. The leadoff spot has been a revolving door of bad. Albert Almora and Kyle Schwarber have been the two main leadoff men this season. Most recently power-hitting rookie Robel Garcia has been placed at the top of the order.

None have done well. All have been well below average in terms of leadoff results. The rumors that the Chicago Cubs are actively pursuing a "leadoff type" certainly make sense knowing all that.

Jarrod Dyson is one name that has been mentioned more than a few times. He's not a name fans are going to get overly excited about, mainly because he's had a very mediocre career, but he could be a table-setter this season.

Dyson has posted a slash line of .251/.336/.358 with Arizona so far. Compare his OBP to Kyle Scharber's (.316), Albert Almora's (.275) or Robel Garcia's (.254) and you understand why the Chicago Cubs are targeting him.

Add in his NL leading 24 steals and he becomes an attractive commodity. Just who the other two "leadoff type" players are is a bit more interesting.

Merrifield won't be a Cub

It's possible that Royals' star Whit Merrifield could be one of the other two players being talked about to hit at the top of the order. If that's the case, then the Chicago Cubs are really only realistically looking at two "leadoff types" because the asking price from Kansas City is and has always been steep.

It seems unlikely Theo Epstein and Jed Hoyer have the guns to get him even if they wanted to. And there are reports they want to, quite badly.

Merrifield is under team control next season and is likely the best trade chip the Royals have. Those two factors mean they are asking for a big return. So far, it appears that whatever they are asking for has been far too steep for the Chicago Cubs to part with. If the team does add a leadoff hitter, Cubs fans should know relatively quickly. The deadline to make a trade is today, July 31 at 4 PM EST. That's just a few hours away now.