Keith Thurman was at it once more. The reigning WBA (Super) welterweight champion said in an exclusive interview with that he likes his chances of going toe-to-toe with Manny Pacquiao in their July 20 clash at MGM Grand Garden in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Thurman, who holds an unblemished pro-Boxing record of 29-0-1 with 22 knockouts, spoke to Marcos Villegas of FightHub in the middle of his preparation for his WBA undisputed welterweight championship fight roughly three weeks from now.

In the interview, the undefeated American fighter discussed several topics related to his upcoming bout, including various hardcore workouts set by his training staff to build his speed, strength, and stamina along with the game plan on how to neutralize Pacquiao’s obvious advantage in speed.

Train like a champion

Thurman said his preparation for the Pacquiao fight has been going very well under the strict supervision of his trainers.

He feels the weight training has steadily built his lower and upper body strengths while crediting the state-of-the-art facility at ASPI (Applied Science and Performance Institute) in Tampa Bay, Florida for cutting his weight and improving his overall health.

“We build strength already,” Thurman told Villegas. “He [athletic trainer] has the numbers. He knows I am getting stronger. But I gotta keep cutting weight so that’s why there’s mountain climbers mixing in with the circuit today and just a little bit more cardio-based.”

Thurman has been going back and forth between Tampa Bay and Los Angeles, training with ASPI trainers in Florida four days a week, and hitting the mitts with trainer Dan Birmingham on Wednesday and the weekends in L.A.

Scheming Thurman

When it comes to boxing skills, Thurman believes he has the edge over Pacquiao since he has already proven it in his battles with Danny Garcia and Shawn Porter.

He has no doubts that like his former opponents he can take out Pacquiao from his comfort zone, using his height advantage and superior boxing I.Q.

"I beat Danny from a simple technique," Thurman said of his tough win over Garcia in 2007.

"In and out, in and out…But Manny when he comes in he doesn’t come in for just two punches."

"If he [Pacquiao] gets his hand on you, he might want to continue trading punches. First, he’s looking for two. Once he gets comfortable, the two becomes four, the four becomes six, and if you allow it, the six becomes an eight-punch combo."

"Shawn Porter, they thought they had it.

They really don’t understand how well I strategize. Manny Pacquiao doesn’t understand how well I strategize. And I am gonna prove once again why Keith Thurman is at the top and forever belong at the top of the welterweight division."

The Pacquiao-Thurman battle is one of the most anticipated matches this year. This fight will certainly have a big implication on how the welterweight division will shape up going forward with several fight possibilities against the division’s other kingpins waiting in the horizon.