High profile injuries have been piling up as the fall camps ramp up all over the NFL. The Kansas City Chiefs are already operating without Damien Williams due to an ongoing hamstring injury. For a few brief moments on Tuesday morning, it appeared an even more serious problem had popped up.

Wide receiver Tyreek Hill had to leave practice shortly after it began after colliding with a defensive back during passing drills. While Hill walked off the field on his own power, he walked straight to the trainer's tent and there were more than a few few Chiefs fans and members of the media holding their breaths.

Things got even worse when Hill was later seen taking off his jersey and pads and getting onto a cart to be lead back to Chiefs' HQ for more tests. Roughly half an hour after he had to leave the field, there was good news. It doesn't appear as though the injury is all that serious but the team wasn't going to risk anything.

Heartstopping injury

While the Kansas City Chiefs have had to deal with all kinds of controversy surrounding Tyreek Hill, one thing is clear. The 2019 season without him would be quite a bit harder to navigate.

It should surprise no one that's what has been at the heart of excitement when it was revealed he wouldn't be facing any suspensions this year. When reports surfaced that he had to leave the field in a cart, it wasn't all that strange that quite a few people wondered if karma had taken care of the dodged bullet that was the avoidance of lost time.

After some heartstopping moments when people worried about what the injury might be, it was announced the Kansas City Chiefs believe the extent of the injury was a bruised quad.

That breeze that passed over your head unexpectedly was the entirety of Chiefs' fandom exhaling a sigh of relief.

High profile injuries

Fall camp has not been as kind to several other NFL teams. The New York Giants are dealing with serious injuries to two of their wide receivers while they just got the news that a third was suspended for violating the league's drug policy.

The Cincinnati Bengals are going to be without receiver AJ Green for about 6-to-8 weeks after he suffered an ankle injury.

When Kansas City Chiefs fans see these kinds of problems striking other team's top players, it makes sense that any kind of player getting dinged up is going to make people assume the worst right out of the gate. It should also be noted that any injury to a player the statute of Tyreek Hill is going to be treated very carefully. When Green went down, initial reactions were that it was just a sprained ankle. Only a later MRI revealed a more severe problem.

Kansas City Chiefs fans are going to want to keep an eye on this but for now, it appears they dodged yet another bullet.