New England Patriots veteran quarterback Tom Brady revealed his latest training techniques as he prepares for his 20th season in the NFL. In an interview with Willie McGinest of NFL Network, Brady said that as he gets older, he got to stay ready. “You can’t get out of shape and work to get in shape,” said Brady, adding that a player of his age, he just maintained what he started from last year so he won’t have to restart. Also, he got to work on a little strengthening this year and try to still quick in the pocket. “I think I’m still in a good place.

I learned a lot,” said Brady, referring to his offseason training regimen. McGinest also discussed Brady’s improved 40-yard dash time and the 61-mph velocity of his throws, with the veteran quarterback saying that’s a product of his offseason training regimen. “I trained really hard this offseason and I think it worked because of the way I’m feeling,” said Brady, adding he has to prove to himself in the offseason that he’s improved in terms of his 40-yard time and the velocity of his throws. Recently, independent NFL reporter Dov Kleiman said that Brady improved his 40-yard performance in the 2000 NFL Combine where he posted 5.28 seconds. In his latest attempt, Brady recorded 5.17 seconds.

Brady improved 40-yard dash time

Despite his improved 40-yard dash time, Brady said he has no plan of banking on his running game too much in the 2019 season, adding that he wants to utilize his throwing arm most of the time in leading the Patriots to success and to their seventh Super Bowl ring. “Hopefully, I don’t have to run that much this year, and I could just rely on my right arm.

That’s my goal this year,” said Brady, who will turn 42 years old next month. Recently, Brady posted on social media one of his training videos where he was running on a treadmill while attached to a resistance band and carrying a football. Brady accompanied the said video with the caption “TB2K”, hinting that he could go for 1,000 rushing yards to pad his career rushing yards to 2,000.

Last season, Brady reached a milestone in his career after reaching the 1,000-yard rushing plateau in his 19th NFL season.

Patriots aren’t thrilled with planned 18-game season

When asked about the possibility of implementing an 18-game regular season, several Patriots expressed their disapproval, saying an extended regular season is currently not on the table. According to special teamer Matthew Slater, who represents the Patriots in the union, the 18-game season was not even discussed yet, adding that it’s not even on the radar. "It's hard for me to imagine right now, personally," Slater said. Safety Devin McCourty believes that an 18-game season will not happen because it would endanger the safety of the players.