The Kevin Kietzman-Andy Reid saga doesn't appear to be going away. That seems to be in part because the radio host continues to say just enough of the wrong thing when it comes to the Kansas City Chiefs' head coach. The one-sided feud started when the host decided to take on how poorly he feels the coach handles discipline on the team. When talking about how he feels like he fell short, Kietzman mentioned that Reid wasn't particularly good at practicing discipline in his family.

Great offense taken

After Kietzman made his comments, most were quick to point out that the Kansas City Chiefs' head coach had an older son die due to complications dealing with drug addiction.

Most who heard the host's comments felt as though he had crossed a line. In response, Kietzman spent most of the day Tuesday acting as though he was the true victim here and that they were ascribing intent to his comments that weren't there.

Kietzman took to his Twitter account to try and clear the air, but it seems to have only backfired. "Holy hat what’s going on here? I never mentioned one word about the tragic death of Andy Reid’s son and quickly corrected a caller who did. I was talking about the owner’s record of “fixing” players, the team’s record and Andy’s record." Kietzman went on to say that he was talking about Andy Reid's son dealing drugs and still getting a job with the Eagles.

The radio personality claimed he never mentioned Garrett Reid's death, and it never entered his mind. He then blamed his listeners and others on the internet for claiming that's what he was talking about.

The problem, of course, is that Kietzman left his comments open to interpretation. And a large number of people who interpreted it a certain way hints that he needed to do better.

The radio station he has his show on appears to agree. On Tuesday afternoon, Sports Radio 810 WHB announced Kietzman was being taken off the air for the foreseeable future.

Apology falls short

Later on Tuesday, Kietzman issued a kind of apology, though his wording leaves something to be desired from several people who responded on Twitter. Kietzman begins the recording by saying, "I want to begin by sincerely apologizing to coach Andy Reid and his entire family for my comments yesterday. What I said has been interpreted by many as hurtful, insensitive and cold and after hearing from listeners and relistening to what I said, I can understand why."

Unfortunately, after saying he understands why people thought what he said was all those things, Kietzman goes on to once again proclaim people simply misunderstood what he meant. The radio host still doesn't appear to understand bringing the Kansas City Chiefs' coach's family into the discussion was over the line to many, no matter what he meant.