By now, people should know that when Drake wants to provoke you, it's going to happen. Well, at least, that's the current episode for the Warriors. Evidently, Toronto Raptors officials have been allowing Drake to enter the arena with team members. During Game 2 of the NBA Finals series, the rapper spared no jokes about the Warriors. Drake entered the arena with Macaulay Culkin's memorable "Home Alone" character, Kevin McCallister pasted on the back of his hoodie.

Via several social media posts about Drake, Warriors fans also felt and appreciated the rapper's humor.

Yet while some took his pettiness as a joke, ride-or-diers weren't so happy about Drizzy Drake, Warriors team members included. Well, that was until Game 2 resulted in a win for Golden State. Then, the tides changed a little. However, before we go there, let's visit the meaning behind the Drake-Warriors trolling.

Drake: Warriors fans know exactly why he chose 'Kevin McCallister'

If you didn't know, Golden State player Kevin Durant is currently injured. According to USA Today, this Warriors team member missed both Games 1 and 2 of the Finals series. So with that in mind, Drake seemingly took the situation and made the most of it. On the back of his "Warriors" hoodie, Drake captioned Macaulay Culkin's photo with "Kevin?!?!?!" — mimicking the character's mother in the movie.

Ideally, Drake could've been insinuating that Golden State Warriors' Kevin was "home alone," since he wasn't able to play in either game. He could be comparing the way he missed two games similar to the way Culkin's character missed two family trips. For Drake, Warriors fans were the furthest thing on his mind when prepping troll ideas for the night.

Nevertheless, Drake caught the other side of the joke when the Warriors pulled off a win, placing the series in a tie.

After the game, Kevin Durant confronted Drizzy, stating that he'll have to come to Oakland for the next game. "It's alright, it's OK," the Warriors player tells Drake. "Keep your head up." Likewise, according to San Francisco Gate, Klay Thompson mentions: "We'll see you in the Bay weren't talking tonight were ya? B*m a**."

Will we see any Drake, Warriors trolling for the remaining games?

Reportedly, the next game in the series is set for Wednesday, June 5, at 6 PM Pacific Time. Likewise, Game 4 is also set for Friday, June 7 at the same time. All in all, what are your thoughts about Drake? Warriors fans are still hyped about the win. Do you think the momentum will continue to pass the fourth game? For sure, it's going to continue being interesting with Drake involved. Speaking of the rapper, here's a video of the game's entrance.