Bill Moos knows what he's looking for in the next Nebraska baseball head coach. Despite knowing the traits of the person he is going to hire, he doesn't know exactly who he is going to hire ... yet. The good news, for fans of the program, is that the question mark in place of Darin Erstad has so far, not rattled players that have committed to play for the Huskers in the coming years.

Staying true to Nebraska baseball

Scotus Central Catholic's Tyler Palmer is one of those that has already committed to play for the Huskers. At the time of his commitment, he thought that included playing for Darin Erstad.

Despite the fact that he doesn't know who will be coaching him, Palmer spoke to the Columbus Telegram and made the kind of comments that should absolutely endear him to fans before he ever sets foot on campus.

"Obviously, him being the coach is a big part of why I wanted to go to Nebraska. But in the end, I committed to the university. I'm sad to see him go, but I know that Nebraska will do a good job of continuing his coaching legacy."

Palmer appears to be a young man older and wiser than his years. He said when he saw Erstad talk about his desire to be with his family, he understood what the coach was saying. Palmer told the paper he doesn't like being away from his family when he travels to play high school baseball.

He also understands that it's worse in college.

A united front

Palmer has already been talking to several other players that are committed to the Nebraska baseball team through a group chat. He says that was how he originally found out that Darin Erstad was going to be stepping down. He then went out and verified by himself that there was actually going to be a new head coach.

In that group chat, the Husker commit says he's talked to the others and he believes they are in agreement about staying with the program. While he pointed out that the players he's talked to were definitely big fans of coach Erstad and the rest of the staff, they also agree that it's the university they gave their commitment to.

Palmer also says it has helped that the list of potential candidates for the job have been pretty impressive. While no one knows just who Bill Moos has talked to, or who is willing to listen, there is no doubt that when he goes looking for a coach, he goes all out.

When it came to replacing Mike Riley and Tim Miles, the AD went out and hired what was widely considered the best coaches in the entire game who was available. While the Nebraska baseball team doesn't have the same kind of budget that the basketball and football team has, the university isn't going to be having to deal with a buyout this time around either. Because Erstad stepped down rather than was forced out, the Huskers are off the hook for any salary they were paying him.