The Cleveland Browns took a bit of a loss yesterday when it came to the sweepstakes for Gerald McCoy. Despite that hit, the team and its fans are quite excited about the chances they have to make the playoffs and make some other noise in 2019. If they are indeed going to improve greatly they are going to need all the weapons they have on offense to have very good seasons. That includes Jarvis Landry. That appears to be a bit of a problem as the wide receiver continues to sit out of action with an undisclosed injury.

Cleveland Browns facing questions

There has been a ton of talk about the wide receiver position for the team since Odell Beckham Jr was acquired earlier this spring. In fact, the attention that has been paid to OBJ could be considered a kind of boon for the rest of the team. The media has been paying quite a bit of attention to what this squad might do.

When OBJ didn't report to the Browns' OTAs, there were even some analysts who believe he was refusing to report as some sign of disrespect. Those same analysts who thought that the receiver might have been up to his old tricks were ignoring the fact that Jarvis Landry wasn't there either.

Landry had the built-in excuse that he was nursing some kind of injury.

The problem is that he appears to still be nursing that injury. Now there are more than a few people who are wondering what this undisclosed injury is and just when he's finally going to be back in action.

Landry's return date?

It should be noted that the Cleveland Browns themselves don't appear to be all that concerned that Landry is still out.

He was actually in attendance physically for the OTAs. He just didn't participate because he is a little banged up. The team also has said, during a recent interview before minicamp begins that he will be held out of action.

New head coach Freddie Kitchens said the move was simply precautionary but the questions remain as to just what is bothering the Browns' leading receiver and when will he be back?

What we do know is that Landry has embraced his role in Cleveland as one of the leaders of the team.

That hasn't always been the case for the receiver who developed a reputation as a malcontent toward the end of his days in Miami. That was despite the fact that he caught a career-high 112 passes in his final season with the Dolphins. It appears his lack of contentment had more to do with a team that wasn't built to win.

We also know that if he can play through it, the Cleveland Browns receiver is going to play through it. While Jarvis Landry has had to come off the bench every now and then, he has never missed a game in his NFL career. For five seasons now that means he's appeared in all 16 games every year. That's good news when it comes to dealing with this unknown injury.