A Craig Kimbrel to Chicago Cubs signing could be coming soon. The Cubs could certainly use the closing pitcher's services due to their situation. However, they are one of several teams in the hunt to bring Kimbrel to their roster. Even so, a recent tweet from a baseball insider has Chicago Cubs fans contemplating that Kimbrel is becoming closer to a reality for their bullpen.

Rosenthal tweet has Cubs fans ecstatic

The Chicago Cubs are coming off the recent MLB draft, which included a pitching prospect as their first choice and catcher Ethan Hearn later on.

Meanwhile, they'd love to add a pitcher with a solid resume to help their rotation. That could be closer to happening than before.

Earlier on Wednesday (June 5), The Athletic's Ken Rosenthal tweeted out information from a source regarding the Cubs and Kimbrel. Rosenthal indicated Chicago is "pushing hard" to sign Kimbrel now as they need his services for the ongoing season. That makes them one of the frontrunners, if not the top team, in the Kimbrel sweepstakes.

The Cubs' bullpen has been hurt this season due to the loss of closer Brandon Morrow.

They've also endured other injuries but have managed to remain atop the National League Central. Right now, they're considered even or slightly ahead of the Milwaukee Brewers in the division.

The best news is that the free-agent pitcher won't cost Chicago a draft pick. As of Monday, that aspect of the signing changed for both Kimbrel and Dallas Keuchel, the two hottest free agents on the market.

Cubs' Epstein comments on Kimbrel pursuit

Later on Wednesday, ESPN Chicago Cubs journalist Jesse Rogers gave Chicago Cubs fans further hope that Craig Kimbrel could be on the way. He provided a brief comment made by the Cubs' general manager Theo Epstein. While Epstein gave a standard comment, just the fact that he's commenting on it is enough to keep Cubs fans in anticipation of the deal happening.

As mentioned, there are other teams in pursuit of the former Boston Red Sox closer. The other MLB squads mentioned as trying to acquire Kimbrel include the Atlanta Braves and Philadelphia Phillies. Various rumors and reports have either ruled a team out or given them more of a possibility of landing Kimbrel.

Of those two teams, the Phillies only seem to have an interest in Kimbrel on a short-term deal. On Wednesday, MLB.com's Jon Morosi tweeted out that Atlanta isn't among the "finalists" for Kimbrel.

A few other teams mentioned in the headlines include the Minnesota Twins and Boston Red Sox.

Craig Kimbrel was a member of the latter of these teams' rosters. The Twins also have an interest, but right now they hold a strong 10.5-game lead over their closest competitors, the Cleveland Indians, in the AL Central.

Kimbrel pitched for his first five seasons with the Atlanta Braves, then spent a season in San Diego. His last three seasons were as a member of the Red Sox bullpen. While there, Kimbrel had a 12-7 record with a 2.44 ERA and 305 strikeouts.

Those numbers are likely to be just fine with Cubs fans as they look towards a Kimbrel signing to improve their own bullpen going forward.