The Phillies are looking for a way to replace Andrew McCutchen after he ended up with an ACL tear and now is out for the rest of the 2019 season. This could impact recent acquisitions and veterans on the roster.

With 162 games in a season, all clubs face the reality of players getting seriously injured, it comes with the territory. This week, the Phillies faced that reality, when Andrew McCutchen injured himself, ending up with a torn left ACL. during the game against San Diego Padres. McCutchen ends the season with a .256 batting average, 10 home runs and 29 RBIs.

Andrew McCutchen's injury may hurt Phillies attempt at playoff contention

This injury could seriously impact the Phillies post-season hopes. As they get ready for a series against San Diego, they hold a half-game lead over the Atlanta Braves in the NL East. The Phillies have lost their last five games, including a series sweep by the NL leader Los Angeles Dodgers.

McCutchen's injury is the opening other players need to show off the talent they have and help lead the Phillies to playoff contention. The Phillies made second baseman Cesar Hernandez the leadoff hitter against the San Diego Padres.

The Phillies have to face the reality of losing McCutchen's .378 OBP as the team currently holds a .324 OBP.

McCutchen did not perform as well as Phillies expected him to

McCutchen was expected to be an explosive free agent for the Phillies, along with Bryce Harper. Harper has struggled and only hit 11 home runs. Harper may need to step up and find his swing without McCutchen leading off.

The Phillies are now working with recent acquisition Jay Bruce, who batted sixth and played left field on Tuesday's game against the Padres. The Phillies may also send Scott Kingery to the outfield. No matter what moves the team makes, the Phillies have to accept reality and play without their star center fielder for the remainder of the season.

McCutchen ends his run of durability highlighted the end of McCutchen's "run of durability." Since 2010, McCutchen has never missed more than 16 games a season. McCutchen's injury stings a little less, now that the Phillies made Jay Bruce part of the team. The Phillies called up Adam Haseley to take McCutchen's spot on the active roster.

McCutchen added that he hopes to be ready for next year's Opening Day and believes he'll be able to keep playing at his pre-injury level once he's done rehabbing. The Phillies originally believed that McCutchen only suffered a left knee sprain. However, an MRI confirmed it to be a torn ACL. McCutchen believes the surgery will go well and heal up. McCutchen says that he's not the only player who has had to deal with a similar situation. Other players have had worse injuries and returned to the field even stronger.