Patrick Peterson might be serving a suspension for PED use, but that doesn't mean the talk that he's going to be traded to the Kansas City Chiefs has cooled off. There have been many, many mentions of the rumors that Peterson will be playing in Arrowhead next season. It's gotten to the point where NFL reporters like Sam Mellinger claim they are happening "every six minutes." However, for now, at least, Peterson is still a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

There also haven't been any real mention of just why some people are so sure he's going to be on the move.

The most concrete reason appears to be that the cornerback isn't happy in the desert anymore. Those rumors hit a fever pitch about ten days ago when people started noticing that Patrick Peterson was cleaning his social media pages of any reference to his being a Cardinal.

There was also some inference that he wanted to join the Kansas City Chiefs because he posted a picture of him sitting with former teammate Tyrann Mathieu. Mathieu joined the Chiefs this offseason as the team worked hard to ramp up its defense. It's possible that Peterson was indeed waxing poetic, but he claims it wasn't anything more than that.

'People always want to speculate'

Mellinger, who writes for the Kansas City Star and has an interest in the Chiefs indeed getting quite a bit better on defense this season managed to flag Peterson down earlier in the week.

He talked to the defensive back about why people are constantly passing rumors around about a trade. The defensive back says he's more than a little confused about the talk and also a bit amused.

"I don't know. I don't. I laugh at that stuff. People always want to speculate what's going on, especially when I take down my pictures and the messages.

But that had nothing to do with anything." Peterson said.

Peterson misses start of OTAs

While the former All-Pro cornerback claims he's not unhappy in Arizona, his actions continue to tell a different story. If Patrick Peterson wants to be traded to the Kansas City Chiefs, or anywhere else, then he took the first step towards getting that done on Monday.

Peterson has not reported to the Arizona Cardinals voluntary OTAs, and there isn't any particular indication that he will. It's true there are a number of reasons for this. Veteran players don't always report. Tom Brady hasn't reported to the Patriots' OTAs either. It only becomes a story when the player being mentioned has rumors flying around that he wants off his current roster.

It's also possible that Patrick Peterson may not feel like he has to cut his preseason short since his regular season is now going to be starting six weeks late. The suspension means that even if he was ready for opening day, he wouldn't get on the field. Perhaps he's using the opportunity to rest up and be 100 percent healthy.

Whatever the reason, it's clear that even if he claims he doesn't want to be traded, rumors of his departure to the Kansas City Chiefs are not going away anytime soon.