It’s been an interesting offseason so far for the Cleveland Browns. Most people believe they have a chance of returning to the NFL playoffs for the first time in over a decade. There is enough talent on the team, both on the offensive as well as the defensive side of the ball that they could make some noise once they get to the playoffs.

One piece of the puzzle, for most Cleveland Browns fans and players is adding another big man up front, in the trenches. It just so happens that there is such a player recently made available in the form of former Tampa Bay Buccaneers’s defensive tackle Gerald McCoy.

McCoy was released by the Bucs because they didn’t want to pay his $13 million per year price tag. Now he’s free to talk to any team he chooses. Most believe the Cleveland Browns are going to be one of the teams he not only chooses to talk to, but will ultimately be the team he chooses to sign with.

It had been assumed that all the current Browns’ players were on the same page when it came to how they felt about that. It turns out that might not actually be the case.

Garrett the outlier

The Dawg Pound Daily is reporting that defensive end Myles Garrettt is not a fan of the rumors that the Cleveland Browns are going after Gerald McCoy. It doesn’t appear that the young defender is necessarily someone who doesn’t like the veteran tackle, he simply doesn’t think his team is in need of another piece in order to be very good next season.

When reports surfaced that new Cleveland receiver Odell Beckham Jr made it clear that he was among those who was actively campaigning for McCoy, Garrett went out of his way to let it be known he felt the receiver should just “stick to the offense.”

Garrett is among those who is just trying to make the point that there isn’t an outside player who is going to magically make his squad that much better this offseason.

He wants everyone to know he believes the Browns are already at a level that will make them amongst the best in the NFL today.

Sticking up for his team

Garrett talked to Herbie Tope of about what he thought about the rumors of the Cleveland Browns adding another defensive tackle. The defensive end, who is going to be looked at to have a monster 2019 season, was standing up for the guys that he already works beside in the trenches.

“What they decide to do, I’ll be ok with and I’ll accept it and move on,” Garrett said, “but I think we’re good with what we have. I’m always going to be passionate about the guys we have in the locker room because they’ve always been ok with me. I have no problem playing with them, going out there and sweating, bleeding and winning with them.”

Ultimately, the Cleveland Browns are going to like seeing quotes like that from one of their team leaders, whether they end up acquiring Gerald McCoy or not.