The Chicago Cubs might be in first place, but in the first two full months of the season, some rather obvious weaknesses have reared their ugly heads. One prospect who could come in this season and add some real value and plug a very real hole is Adbert Alzolay. The pitching prospect is one of the only pitchers in the Cubs' farm system that I count as a prospect. After battling injuries the last few years, including the start of this one, he's starting to look like the one the front office could turn into a real major league contributor in 2019.

Alzolay starting to find his stride

Among those who believe the Chicago Cubs could be calling Alzolay up sooner, rather than later, is Bleacher Nation. In a deep dive into the kind of season he's had so far this year, the website pointed out just why he could be the big breakthrough prospect of 2019. The question, of course, becomes, can he stay healthy and can he handle the workload of a full season.

Alzolay burst onto the scene as a top Cubs' prospect back in 2017, but he had his career derailed a bit last year when he suffered a lat injury that limited him to just eight starts at Iowa. When he came back, it was more about rehabbing the injury as he basically started the climb through the minors all over again.

He was also hampered a bit to start this season when he suffered an injury to a rib cage muscle in Spring Training. That forced him to start this year a bit late. Now that he's officially started the season, he's starting to hit his stride. That's especially good news considering how bad he looked in his first two starts.

His season didn't start until May 12 and in those first two outings, he pitched just eight total innings, allowing 16 baserunners and ten runs scored.

In his last two starts, he's taken a decidedly dominant turn. On May 22 he pitched five innings of one-run ball, allowing just three hits and striking out six. Better yet, he didn't walk a batter.

On Memorial Day, he got even better. Against the New Orleans Baby Cakes, he pitched six innings, allowed just two hits, one walk, and one run.

He struck out a season-high nine batters.

Prospects finally paying off

While it's likely the Chicago Cubs are going to give Alzolay a bit more time to show that he really has turned the corner, the big club's bullpen could lead to a quicker call up than some expect. At 24 years old, the hurler is not so young that a move to the majors is out of the question. A team that has 10 blown saves already is one that is going to be looking for help where it can get it.

Should he come up, it would be the first real prospect to make an appearance this season. That would be a boon to a farm system that simply isn't that great these days. It could also be a big call for a Chicago Cubs franchise looking for some good news. Hoerner was also sidelined.