Dez Bryant is still trying to find a final landing spot back in the NFL. While there had been talk he might be going to the Washington Redskins, it appears that's not all that likely anymore.

What is clear is that the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver would like to find a way to go back to a place he knows. That means the NFC East. It's just not clear what team in the NFC East would be willing to take a flier on him at this point.

NFL Network reporter Jane Slater is one of the latest to talk to Bryant and get a real feel for what he's thinking as the 2019 offseason really kicks into gear.

During his conversation with Slater, Bryant made it clear that he feels quite motivated to get back to the field next season.

The wide receiver, who was one of the most talented in the entire league for a short period of time also had a talk with the owner of his former team. While it doesn't appear the talk with the Cowboys' Jerry Jones involved getting him a new contract, it did apparently crystallize how badly he wants to be catching passes in the NFL again.

It makes sense that Dez would be looking towards the NFC East because he knows the teams there the best. After all, over his career in Dallas, he played against those teams twice a season. It doesn't seem likely that if Washington did indeed come calling, he would say no.

The Washington Post says it's not likely that the Redskins would indeed come calling.

Washington Redskins staying away from Bryant

According to The Post, sources have said they don't really have an interest in the receiver. Despite the denials, the chance that Dan Snyder would pull the trigger on a big ticket player like Bryant isn't entirely dead.

Snyder has made this kind of move before. He's also done it without other members of the front office knowing that was going to be the goal.

The difference here is that the 'Skins already have quite a few players manning the depth chart at receiver.

One of the players on the three-deep is Paul Richardson, signed away from the Seattle Seahawks this offseason. It seems less than likely the team would be looking to get another big name receiver from the free agent market. Especially one that has the baggage and now inactivity of Dez Bryant.

Bryant continues to be rumored without a landing spot

It's got to be a bit frustrating for Dez Bryant to constantly be mentioned with NFL teams but never actually find a landing spot. Over the last few years, the former Dallas Cowboy has been rumored to be heading to New Orleans to play with the Saints.

There was also talk last offseason that he could be playing the 2018 season with the San Francisco 49ers. Neither of those rumors came true. Now that Dez Bryant has made it clear to the media he wants to play, he's still got to find a team that wants him to play for them.