Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan still has quite a bit of time before he has to decide whether the Nebraska football team is right for him. Being a 2021 prospect, he cannot officially and finally decide on a team until more than a year from now. He won't be able to sign with anyone until December of 2021 at the absolute earliest.

Despite those facts, it appears the very talented linebacker out of Missouri has some thoughts about where he will eventually attend school. If his recent social media blitz is any indication, it appears the Huskers are very much in the running.

Hamilton-Jordan has already taken an unofficial to Lincoln and has said that he will be going back at some point before everything is said and done.

This last week, he's been throwing up quite a few pictures that involve either the Cornhuskers or other players that the Huskers are recruiting on their own visits to see Memorial stadium.

Nebraska getting the attention

One particular post that should raise Husker fans' eyebrows is a tweet he sent out to another top prospect in Travion Ford. The rush end is among the best in the 2021 class. Hamilton-Jordan wished him a happy birthday and added "we'll celebrate at the same college one day, believe that." with a picture of the two players standing on Tom Osborne field.

The linebacker out of Kansas City also retweeted a message by Nebraska football's official Twitter account that said there's "no better place to be." Obviously, none of these kinds of tweets mean that Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan is definitely going to be a Husker one day. He could just be enjoying the attention these kinds of tweets get from Nebraska fans.

It's clear he's stirred up a bit of a hornet's next whenever he mentions the Huskers. On the flipside, he has made it more than clear that he likes what he's seen from his visit to Lincoln and his talks with the coaching staff. The big question could be just how much the Huskers want him. He doesn't yet have an official offer, but he's taking plenty of visits to big schools.

It seems likely attention is going to heat up soon.

Some mixed messages for Nebraska

Interestingly enough, the linebacker tweeted something out earlier in the week that would seem to have knocked the Cornhuskers off his interest list. He said that the schools he was going to be looking at would include Michigan, Florida State, Texas, LSU, Florida, Clemson, Oklahoma, and Illinois. Scott Frost and company weren't included. He has since deleted that tweet, apparently rethinking things.

That deleted tweet preceded all the Nebraska football love he's been sending out since. It's going to be quite a while before we learn just where the 3-star prospect is headed, but it's clear that the Huskers are in the running for Jermaine Hamilton-Jordan should they want him.