The Nebraska basketball's staff is set, and one of the first things new assistant coach Doc Sadler is going to try and do is convince forward Isaiah Roby he would be better served to return to the Huskers.

Sadler, whose story is certainly an interesting one, will try and use his life experiences and what he already knows of the program to convince the player he could help the team not only win next year but also improve his own chances for getting drafted. If Sadler's name sounds familiar, it's because he's been the head coach at Nebraska before.

You might remember him as the man who was here just before the current era of Nebrasaketball officially began. He was fired after several mostly decent seasons, but he failed ever to reach the NCAA tournament. Tim Miles was brought in to get the Cornhuskers where Sadler couldn't. He did that once and was then, of course, fired himself.

Now it's Fred Hoiberg's time. The announcement that Sadler was coming back shocked plenty of Husker fans. But it also makes a great deal of sense.

Nebraska basketball can win with Roby back

Sadler is going to be able to sell the Nebraska program to Roby better than anyone on the staff other than Armon Gates. He can relate to the young player even better than Fred Hoiberg and company can.

He can also sell Roby on what Hoiberg brings to the table and what the forward can do in the Huskers' new offense and defense.

The two have already had at least one conversation since Roby announced he was going to dip his toe into the draft waters about ten days ago. Talking to the Lincoln Journal Star's Steve Sipple, Sadler says he told Roby the player would fit quite well into the new head coach's system.

The thing he said next might be the best selling point of all. He added that if Isaiah did decide to come back for his senior season, his "game would be expanded so much it’d be incredible.” That comment seizes on what Nebraska fans have been waiting to see since the player first arrived in Lincoln.

Isaiah Roby could finally find his potential in final Nebraska basketball season

If there has been a mantra surrounding Nebrasketball the last few years, it's that Isaiah Roby could be one of, if not the best player in the Big Ten if he could just find his potential. So far, he hasn't quite gotten there.

There have been games here and there where it looked like he was taking the next step. Then he would take two or three steps back. It can be argued that Roby's lack of development is a bigger reason that Miles was let go than the way Nebraska played in his final season. Now Doc Sadler is tasked with convincing Roby that should he indeed return for one final season under Fred Hoiberg, and he's finally going to unlock the player he can be.