Javier Baez has been one of the most exciting players in baseball since he arrived on the Chicago Cubs.

On Monday afternoon, he made yet another entry into what is becoming an ever-growing highlight reel for the shortstop. The play reminded at least a few people of the great Vladimir Guerero. When Javy hit the ball after it hit the ground and managed to turn that rather unusual swing into a single, it even landed in roughly the same spot of Guerrero's hit, it was also just crazy enough that it will likely go down in the books as one of the best plays of the 2019 season.

Vlad's big swing

It should first be pointed out that Vladimir Guerrero was one of the best "bad ball" hitters in the game. There was not really a pitch that he could not hit if he set his mind to it. Such was the case back in 2009 when the outfielder was playing for the, then, California Angels against the Baltimore Orioles. When the pitcher threw a curve that hit the dirt ahead of reaching the plate, he likely had no idea Guerrero would actually swing.

But swing he did, and on the bounce, he managed to send the pitch over the shortstop's head and into the outfield. The Angels managed to score a couple of runs during and after the hit, likely because the O's became a bit unglued once they realized what the great hitter had done.

Fast forward to April 8, 2019.

Javier Baez helps Chicago Cubs to big win

On Monday afternoon, during his team's home opener, Baez came to plate looking to add onto an early lead. Once again, the pitcher's pitch curved a bit too much before it got to home plate and bounced in the dirt.

Baez had already begun his swing and was simply trying to find a way to make contact.

In doing so, he actually let go of the bat and tossed it at the bouncing ball in his follow through. Not only did the bat make contact, but it made contact with enough force that it sent the ball sailing into the air, and once again over the shortstop's head for a bloop single.

Perhaps the best part of the entire event was Javy's reaction after the hit.

As cameras panned over to first base where he stood after the hit, the Cubs' starting shortstop can be seen looking into the home team dugout, smiling and shrugging his shoulders in what was very obviously a "yeah I don't know how I did it either."

While it wasn't the game-winning or deciding hit, Baez's knock did illustrate just what a good day the Chicago Cubs had on Monday. After getting off to a 2-7 start to the season, all on the road, the team wanted to look at Monday's game against the Pittsburgh Pirates as a kind of reset to the regular season. It appears they were able to accomplish that goal by winning 10-0. While they might only be 3-7 on the year, they are 1-0 in Wrigley field with a long homestand coming up.