If you're a basketball fan or even a sports fan, you have probably heard of LaVar Ball and his three kids, Lonzo, LiAngelo and LaMelo. You have also probably heard of his company "Big Baller Brand" that is built on his three kids as they each have their own signature shoe and they also sell merchandise like sweaters, hats and t-shirts. Lately, Big Baller Brand which is also known by its acronym of "BBB", has been linked to some controversy. Due to the controversy, there have been signs that LaVar's kids have left the brand to seek a deal with a different shoe company, specifically Nike.

So the question is, have the Ball brothers really parted ways with their father's company?

Signs that they've left

On March 23, Lonzo posted on his Instagram a picture of all the jersey's that the Lakers have retired with his jersey shining in a spotlight. The picture shows a photo of him with an in picture caption of "It's only a crazy dream until you do it.". This is the slogan that was used in a Serena Williams ad with Nike. His Instagram caption was "Moving on to bigger and better #MyOwnMan." On that post, his youngest brother LaMelo commented "Love u brotha. Thanks for getting us out my G". People interpreted this post as Lonzo stating that he's his own person and that he can make decisions for himself.

Also, Melo's comment of "getting us out" is being interpreted as setting the Ball brothers free and allowed to make their own choices.

On March 23 as well, Gelo's girlfriend, Jaden Owens did a live video and Gelo wrote "Nike gang" in the comments. This also drew speculation that Gelo is no longer with Big Baller Brand and that he now moved onto Nike.

This may mean nothing though as Gelo currently has no basketball team to play on right now. This makes it unlikely that he would get a deal with Nike or any shoe company.

Another thing that has drawn speculation from the Ball brothers leaving Big Baller Brand is the fact that Zo, Melo, and Gelo have all unfollowed Big Baller Brand on Instagram and the Lakers have questioned Lonzo whether wearing Big Baller Brand shoes resulted in his ankle injury that occurred back in January.

Since then he was ruled out for the season. Since his injury, he has been wearing LeBron and Kobe signature shoes which have both been developed by Nike.

Also, Lonzo has changed his profile picture both on Instagram and Twitter to an image of him wearing a Nike shirt when he was little.


In recent days, news has come out regarding controversy surrounding Big Baller Brand. According to a report by ESPN, It has been revealed that possibly around $2 million from Lonzo's bank account (both personal and business) went missing and is unaccounted for. The only people that have access to these bank accounts are Lonzo, LaVar and their business partner, Alan Foster.

In an interview with ESPN, Lonzo claimed he was unaware of Alan's criminal past which resulted in him serving seven years in prison for money laundering.

He allegedly stole $4 million from 40 different people and was ordered to pay back $3.7 million combined to the victims.

Regarding the missing money from Lonzo's bank account, it alleged that there may be possible signs that indicate Alan's involvement. When Alan's financial statements were required in order to fill out tax reports for the company, he refused to show them. Also, there is apparently proof that Alan wired just under $500,000 from Lonzo's account to his.

Since this situation, Alan has been fired by Lonzo and LaVar also seems to have distanced himself from Alan. On the situation, LaVar said "I've always believed in the best people. Regretfully, I put my complete trust in Alan Foster to manage my sons' business affairs.

At the end of the day, family comes first and I support Zo wholeheartedly. Together, we will make this right".

Have the brothers left?

Nothing has yet been confirmed, but all signs are pointing to yes, especially Zo and Melo. With every confidential thing seemingly leaked to the media these days, there's a good chance that we'll find out soon what exactly happens from here on. It will be an interesting thing to follow and the situation could come up on their reality show, "Ball in the Family."