It's Tuesday morning in Nebraska basketball land. Do you know who your head coach is? The answer, of course, is that it's still Tim Miles. That despite the fact that the current Huskers' head coach, the man who is just two games over .500 in seven years was rumored to be getting fired before the season was even over, and he's still standing. He even technically outlasted the university's president. Of course, most people expect that to change literally any minute. Fred Hoiberg is expected to be named his successor soon after Athletic Director Bill Moos makes the call.

No news may not be good news

The expectations that the Cornhuskers are going to be making a change is so strong that several members of the media have taken to camping out in the parking lot, waiting to ask Miles if he's heard anything. Because this isn't a movie, the response to those kinds of questions is always going to be "no." That's going to be the answer even if the head coach has been told he will be fired later today.

The media asks Miles if he's heard anything, he says he hasn't gotten any good news, or any bad news and the fanbase continues to wait and wonder just why it's taking this long to move on when most believe the decision to move on was made weeks ago. Miles might claim he was told that retention was an option when he had a meeting with Moos towards the end of the season, but even that comment doesn't exactly sound like a full-throated defense.

That particular quote should remind some "Dumb and Dumber" fans of the exchange between Mary Swanson and Lloyd Christmas when they are discussing going on a date. You can almost imagine Miles asking Moos, "what are the chances of you keeping me on after this season?" and Moos responding "about one in a million," to which Miles happily chirps back; "so you're saying there's a chance!"

The longer Nebraska basketball waits, the worse it gets

The bottom line is that the Cornhuskers have reportedly been looking to move on for a while now.

Hank Bounds' announcement might have thrown a wrench in the works but it also didn't come out of nowhere. National media hasn't like the way Moos has handled the situation since he issued a statement after the Huskers lost to Wisconsin in the Big Ten that he would be waiting some more. The season is now officially over. Tim Miles is claiming he has no idea what's going to happen.

If Nebraska basketball wants to recapture positive headlines, the trigger is going to get pulled soon. If it doesn't, the circus only gets worse.