The Nebraska football team is going hard after tight ends in the 2020 class. That includes Colorado prospect, Kole Taylor. The 3-star player recently announced the schools he's looking the hardest at and the Huskers are among that group. Taylor posted his Top 10 teams on Twitter and the Cornhuskers are going to have a really high hill to climb.

Nebraska football among tough company

In addition to the Huskers, Taylor said that he is currently favoring California, Colorado, Iowa, LSU, Michigan, Oregon, Penn State, and West Virginia. It's the other Big Ten schools on the list that might be the biggest hurdle for the Cornhuskers.

While he does have several Pac 12 teams on his list, the rest of the group seems to hint at the fact that he is willing to leave his home region of the country.

While Taylor has said he is only looking at the 10 teams in his list at the moment, other schools aren't stepping away from recruiting him. That could end up being a problem in the long run. Since he announced his top schools, he's had another home-state offer from Colorado State and he's had another top of the line school in Texas A&M. The Aggies certainly present a special challenge because it gives him another glimpse into the SEC.

Kole Taylor has the skills to pay the bills

It's not a surprise that the Nebraska football team is going after the Colorado tight end.

He's got the build to be an impact player, standing at 6-6 and weighing in at 225 pounds. He's also the 10th ranked tight end in the 2020 class. That's despite the fact that he's only rated as a 3-star prospect by 247Sports.

He's not ranked all that high when it comes to other players at other positions, as he's only 383rd but he is the 6th best player in the state of Colorado in 2020.

Kole Taylor hasn't put up huge numbers playing for Grand Junction but he has already shown why the Cornhuskers might be interested in the player.

He had just 29 catches as a Junior but he turned those catches into more than 500 yards and more impressively eight touchdowns.

The Huskers have apparently been looking for the kind of tight end to be a real weapon when the team is in the red zone. That's interesting enough because there were people who were plenty worried that Scott Frost and company were going to basically get rid of the tight end position. Now it's all about getting Kole Taylor to Lincoln in order to see what the Nebraska football team has to offer prospects like him.