Last Tuesday, a representative from the United States Anti-Doping Agency announced that UFC fighter Jon Jones is positive for using banned drugs. "Mr. Jones sample has confirmed the 'A' sample findings," the spokesperson said. “This is the second time that the fighter failed his drug test,” according to USADA. In 2016, Jones was pulled out from his championship fight after he tested positive for multiple-estrogenic agents. The drug test result was denied by the fighter and said that the substances found in his system came from a contaminated sexual intercourse.

The California State Athletic Commission suspended him for a year due to negligence.

Jon Jones was disqualified for taking performance-enhancing drugs

According to the terms of the “anti-doping program,” Jones will face a maximum suspension of four years. According to the result, Jones’ sample contained a banned substance called “turinabol.” His sample was taken after the UFC 214 weigh-ins. Because of the drug result, the UFC gave Jones a disqualification loss.

This is not the first time that the fighter has been removed from his title. In 2015, Jones has been stripped of his title when he was involved and arrested on hit-and-run charges in Mexico. According to sports analyst, Jones is the only UFC fighter that been ever removed from his championship title because of disciplinary reasons.

Jones B, born as Jonathan Dwight Jones is widely considered to be one of the greatest fighters of all times.

Daniel Cormier restored as the ‘Light Heavyweight Champion’

Because of the failed drug test of Jon Jones, Daniel Cormier is reinstated as the Light Heavyweight Champion. Cormier announced the news himself on UFC Tonight last Wednesday.

“Jones disqualified himself by taking the steroid before the night,” Cormier said. “You don’t cheat the sport, you don’t cheat the fans, you don’t cheat me,” he added.

UFC spokesperson Lenee Breckenridge confirmed the news last Wednesday with MMA Fighting that Daniel Cormier has been reinstated as the light heavyweight champion.

According to the 38-year-old fighter, it would be silly not to accept the belt back, although he knows that other people might think different. Regardless of what people say, Cormier said that Jones cheated, that is why it is rightful to disqualify him. “We had one of the biggest fights of the year,” Cormier said. “Once again, this guy has made a mockery of the sport."