The Los Angeles Lakers' playoff situation looks bleaker by the day as fans of the team have seen the squad drop some embarrassing losses. It's included mistakes on the court, LeBron yelling at teammates, and even Kyle Kuzma pushing LeBron to play defense, literally. Meanwhile, none of that has translated to wins and the team is 5.5 games outside of a playoff spot with only 18 games to go. While former Cavs teammate Kyrie Irving spoke about LeBron's struggle in LA, a few other former teammates are also weighing in now.

Love, Frye speak about LeBron's struggle

Kevin Love was part of the championship team in Cleveland several seasons ago, alongside fellow stars LeBron and Kyrie. Love arrived there in the 2014-15 season as part of a trade with the Minnesota Timberwolves and has remained on the Cavs ever since. He's familiar with the struggles of trying to win games right now with a dismal Cavs team that won't be in the postseason. He's also familiar with what LeBron is capable of.

Love brought up that when a new team is formed it can take some time before they gel. For example, the 2014-15 Cleveland Cavs team was just 19-20 after 39 games. LeBron has missed 18 games due to injury, and now that he's back the expectations are high again, even though teammates have been sidelined.

Love told Bleacher Report, "We've seen in the past anything can happen." He also spoke about the current Cavs team's desire to try to win each game.

Channing Frye also spoke about LeBron's situation being more difficult now that he plays in the Western Conference.

Frye commented, "If [the Lakers] don't make it, it's justifiable. Teams are good, and he's the only All-Star." Frye went on to mention Denver, OKC, and Portland as contending teams right now that have multiple stars.

While giving LeBron James an out for the difficulty of his situation, Frye also isn't going to doubt King James.

He noted, "...something happens when it's crunch time, and [LeBron] just steps to another level. I'm not doubting him or that team." Frye brought up the point with reference to the Cavs' comeback against the Warriors in the Finals down 3-1.

Jefferson's thoughts on LeBron situation

Richard Jefferson played in the league for a 16-year career. Just two of those seasons were with the Cleveland Cavaliers as Lebron's teammate. The former NBA star spoke about the LeBron/Lakers topic on the "Bucher & Friends" podcast at the end of February. Jefferson admitted it could be many things causing issues for LeBron right now such as how much basketball he's played, his injury, and Father Time.

However, Jefferson also said he believes, "if you were to put [LeBron] in a seven-game series with the same amount of talent as any other player" that he would "come out victorious." So that appears to be several former teammates endorsing LeBron's abilities even in this dire situation.

With 18 games to go, including Wednesday's tough matchup with the Denver Nuggets, and teammates hurt, there will be a lot of work to do.

The LA Lakers host the Nuggets starting at 10:30 p.m. Eastern Time with TNT televising the game.