The Milwaukee Brewers are apparently getting close to ending their pursuit of Craig Kimbrel. This does not mean that the Chicago Cubs are going to step into the breach and sign the closer. In fact, the reason the Brewers are starting to look elsewhere is that the former Atlanta Brave and Boston Redsox player is asking a bit too much money for his services.

Brewers following in Cubs steps

When the reports came that Kimbrel was being talked to by Milwaukee, there was quite a bit of worry among Cubs fans, who saw a team they are already going to be competing with all season, get a little bit better.

The consternation grew larger by the day thanks in large part because the Cubs simply haven't been willing to spend much of any month this off season.

Friday night's loss showed exactly why there are more than a few Chicago Cubs fans who are uncomfortable with the decision making by the front office, this offseason. The bullpen has been a concern since 2018 and that concern was certainly not alleviated when setup man Carl Edwards Jr allowed a three-run blast in the eighth to blow the game.

The team has been claiming they simply don't have the budget to add any big ticket players. It appears the Brewers are now following suit. It's good news for the Cubs that Milwaukee isn't going to be adding a dominant closer to a bullpen that is already quite talented.

The fact that Chicago is still not able to go out and snag the player the Brew Crew couldn't sign is still going to be a bit annoying to fans of the squad who have been nervous about the 2019 prospects for a while now.

Craig Kimbrel seems like a no-brainer

Despite having some struggles in the postseason last year, there is a reason why the closer is asking for quite a bit of money.

He posted an uncharacteristically high 2.74 ERA in 2018, though he also went 5-1 and recorded 42 saves. The year before, he posted a 1.74 ERA and recorded 35 saves.

Since becoming a full time closer, he's never saved less than 31 games. While the years might be catching up to him a bit, he's also someone who has five seasons of 40 or more saves.

The Chicago Cubs have largely stayed out of the Craig Kimbrel market for a number of reasons. They still believe their current closer, Brandon Morrow can make a triumphant return later this year. They also are simply not willing to pay out what the relief pitcher is apparently asking. But at least fans of the club will now be able to rest easy that he is apparently also not going to their division rival.