Craig Kimbrel has 333 career saves which the most of any active pitcher in the big leagues. Despite his dominance, he still doesn't have a team to play for this season and beyond. He has been linked to many teams during the off-season but yet, nothing has come to fruition for him. Here are Kimbrel's career accomplishments, what he's worth and his best fits for the star closer.


Kimbrel is the most dominant closer in the game today as he has a career E.R.A. of 1.91 with a save percentage of 90.7 percent (333 for 367). He also currently holds an absurd career opponent average of .154.

Over the course of his career, he has reached the 40 save mark in four seasons including 50 saves in 2013. He won NL Rookie of the year in 2011, he has made seven all-star appearances ('11-'14, '16-'18), has won reliever of the year twice ('14 and '17) and has one World Series championship which came last season.

Kimbrel's value

Going into the off-season, Kimbrel was seeking a record-breaking contract for a reliever as he was seeking a six-year, $100 million contract and even had his agent telling teams that he is the best closer ever. While that's an obvious marketing ploy, he is one of the most dominant closers to ever pitch in the major leagues. With the six-year, $100 million deal far out of reach this late into the off-season, he could probably get himself a similar deal that Wade Davis signed last offseason as he signed a three-year, $52 million with the Rockies.

There were rumors that Kimbrel was willing to sit out the season if he didn't get the contract he desired but those rumors have been shut down.

Best fits

The Minnesota Twins have a legitimate chance of dethroning the Indians as AL Central champs this season but they need significant upgrades in order to do so. The rotation lacks quality starting pitchers behind Berrios and unless you're a Twins fan, it's almost impossible to name three relief pitchers in the Twins bullpen with the only two relievers that come to mind being Blake Parker and Trevor May.

One option could be to sign Dallas Keuchel to pitch behind Berrios out of the rotation but another option could be is to sign Kimbrel to anchor the bullpen. The Twins have enough money to sign one of them or even both.

Boston Red Sox

Kimbrel anchored the Red Sox bullpen for the past three seasons and has done significantly well with the team.

The Red Sox have apparently moved on from Kimbrel as they've said that they aren't willing to spend big on a closer but they do have a glaring need in their bullpen after letting Kimbrel test the market and losing Joe Kelly to the Dodgers. With the Red Sox hoping to win back-to-back World Series and keep up with the improving Yankees, they need to address their bullpen ASAP as having Ryan Brasier be their potential closer will be a nightmare in the making.

Atlanta Braves

The Braves have a potential future closer in A.J. Minter but for a team that's looking to stay competitive in an improved NL East, they should opt for someone more experienced in close situations where Kimbrel would be the perfect fit.

Kimbrel spent the first five years of his career in Atlanta where he won Rookie of the year, Reliever of the year and made four all-star appearances in a Braves jersey.

Philadelphia Phillies

The Phillies have spent over $400 million this offseason improving their team and they may not be done yet. The Phillies signed David Robertson who seems to be the closer right now but the Phillies may want a bigger name like Kimbrel as Robertson is more suited for a setup role. Signing Kimbrel would be the cherry on top for a fantastic offseason for the Phillies.

St.Louis Cardinals

The Cardinals have been in need of a strong bullpen arm for years and they haven't had any luck. They thought they had their guy when they signed Greg Holland the day before opening day last year for $14 million but he ended up being a disaster as he posted an E.R.A.

over 7.00. The Cardinals brought in Andrew Miller but he excels in a role where he can go multiple innings which doesn't make him the ideal fit for the closer's role. They have Jordan Hicks who routinely touches 100+ MPH which is perfect for a closer but his accuracy needs a lot of work. As the Cardinals are trying to return to the playoffs this season, Kimbrel might be a guy the Cardinals may want to bring in to have some stability in their bullpen. Just imagine how dangerous of a bullpen would be of Kimbrel, Miller, and Hicks.