Upcoming CBA talks have now been shaken up by the recent Robert Kraft scandal. Kraft is now receiving smirks and jokes, with many arguing over what the proper punishment from the league should be. Some in the public will try to dismiss the accusations of solicitation against Robert Craft as a joke, more embarrassing than substantial. Others have come out publicly and calling this as the worst of human trafficking and the dark side of the sex industry.

No matter what, from a legal standpoint, Kraft will survive the ripples from his incident. ESPN reports that the question though is what this scandal really means for the New England Patriots and the league as they are nearing new negotiations over the collective bargaining agreement.

The NFL Commissioner needs to find the best way to handle the situation as he attempts to keep the peace following the 2020 season.

Robert Kraft key figure in 2011 league negotiations

Pats owner Robert Kraft was a key figure in the 2011 negotiations that ended the lengthy lockout between players and owners. He and his legal team managed to reach a 10-year agreement that increased the popularity of the game. Kraft was the good guy in the labor negotiations, while he faced off against the hardened negotiators such as Goodell and Jerry Jones. While Kraft was able to win negotiations, his honor and integrity have now been put in question. Goodell now faces figuring out the best possible way of handling this situation.

Goodell must handle this situation in a fair and balanced way

Law enforcement has said that they have video evidence, which will eventually somehow land in the hands of TMZ or other major news outlets. People are comparing alleged transgressions against what former NFL owners Jerry Richardson and Jim Irsay did to earn punishments.

Former Panthers owner Richardson had to sell the Panthers after it was discovered that he sexually harassed female employees. Irsay was suspended and fined for drug use. The NY Daily News has suggested that Robert Kraft needs to be banned from the league if the allegations are proven to be true.

Like anyone in the league, Kraft is held to the NFL's Personal Conduct Policy.

In, owners are the first group listed as being subject to the policy. Goodell is required to hand out punishment in a balanced way. While Goodell and Kraft have been at odds before, Goodell needs Kraft, as the CBA talks get closer. The two have made peace. Kraft is one of the few owners with the charisma and business knowledge to handle these negotiations in the best way to achieve the best results.

Now that he is bogged down by this recent scandal, it now leaves insiders and fans wondering whether Kraft can return to his role, or will it swallow him up and force him out of the league. The answers to these questions will have a serious ripple effect on the future of the league.