Andy Murray may return to competitive Tennis one day. The 31-year-old tennis superstar may not be done just yet when it comes to his professional tennis career. According to an ESPN article, his mother Judy thinks that her son may one day return back to the fighting pit.

Andy Murray went through some difficult years as an ongoing hip issue turned into a nightmare that eventually threw him off the tennis radar. Losing a thriller against Roberto Bautista-Agut at the recently ended Australian Open was thought perhaps to be his last official match as a professional player.

But, undergoing a second hip operation, a resurfacing hip surgery this time, may also be the starting point of another phase in Andy Murray's career. As his mother pointed out already, another tennis giant, non-other than Bob Bryan, went for a similar procedure and he recently returned to competitive tennis.

Andy Murray was very emotional speaking about retirement

The second hip surgery came in the aftermath of a short but emotion-driven Australian Open campaign. Andy Murray gave a couple of interviews and was part of some intense moments during the press conferences while in Melbourne.

He also said that another hip surgery would be an option with the goal of improving the quality of his life.

Any indications regarding the possibility of him continuing his professional career were rather vague and unclear.

Retirement is a harsh word for a professional athlete. After years of traveling, competing, training, and all that comes in the pro athlete package, thinking about having a completely different life routine can be scary.

While letting all those emotions and insecurities pour out from his soul in front of the camera, Andy Murray also spoke about how he would like to have it all done. Saying farewell to the tennis tour during the Wimbledon Championships is what he really wants.

Murray's chapter may be a bit longer

That complicated hip issue may terminate Andy Murray's professional tennis career.

According to his official ATP profile, he's currently ranked 223rd in the world. But, there's still a chance for him to get back.

With him being around for so long, it's understandable that some people may have a different perception. The reality is that he's just 31-years-old, and, given the current trend within the professional tennis tour, this particular age is not as scary as it may have looked 15 years ago.

In today's pro tour, some players are reinventing themselves way past the 30-years-old milestone. Roger Federer, Rafael Nadal, and Novak Djokovic, all did that in recent years, Whether it was about their game, fitness, scheduling, or training blocks, they all made serious adjustments. So, the natural question is why can't Andy Murray do something similar?