The Nebraska football team might have a second life when it comes to one of the best running back recruits in the 2020 class. Darvon Hubbard announced he was no longer a commit to Ohio State earlier this week and the Huskers might be able to get their foot in the door. If the Cornhuskers can make some inroads, they would have a shot at a running back that would keep the program in the running for yet another great recruiting class.

Darvon Hubbard announces he's not committed to Ohio State anymore

Hubbard made the announcement that he was going to start looking around a bit more on his Twitter account.

He thanked the staff for the confidence they had in him but he wanted to see what else was out there. The Nebraska football team is still going to have an uphill climb.

During the announcement, he said that he was still going to keep the Buckeyes as his top school. In other words, there's no guarantee he won't become a member of the best team in the Big Ten. Scott Frost and company are going to have to find a way to convince Hubbard that he would be a better fit in Lincoln than he would be in Columbus.

One way to do that would require the team to point out there might indeed be an opening on the roster.

That wouldn't be a good thing, as it would mean that Maurice Washington was no longer on the team, at least for a year. His legal problems aren't taking the team in that direction yet, but the confusion over his involvement and whether or not he is going to be arrested could be something the team has to pay attention to moving forward.

Nebraska football with the uphill climb

While Darvon Hubbard is now officially a free-agent, the Huskers are going to have a fight on their hands in order to win him over. The 4-star prospect, according to 247Sports has offers from some of the best teams in the country. That includes Alabama and Auburn.

There are two things the Huskers have going for them if Hubbard is willing to listen.

The first is that the Cornhuskers aren't recruiting all that many running backs in this class. The team has been focusing on the wide receiver position, like Tommy Christakos' and the like.

The other piece of good news is that Christakos is a teammate of Hubbard at Chapparal. He will be taking a visit to the Huskers this summer. It would seem as though Scott Frost and company could convince Hubbard that he should come along on the unofficial visit. While that's easier said than done, it can't hurt to have another player on the team singing the praises of the Nebraska football team to Darvon Hubbard.