The Nebraska football coaching staff has made no secret about their desire to land themselves an offensive lineman. Scott Frost and company have also made it no secret they would like to make Nash Hutmacher one of the offensive linemen they land. Over the weekend, the Chamberlain, South Dakota prospect showed exactly why the Huskers have been recruiting him so hard. The Huskers managed to grab a couple in the 2019 class, but the 2020 class is going to be important when it comes to recharging the offensive line. Scott Frost and company are looking high and low in order to get the right prospect.

That includes on the Wrestling mat.

Nash Hutmacher dominates state wrestling tournament

On Saturday, the offensive lineman won his third straight state title. That wasn't really the most impressive part of his day, however. As noted, he's won the state title already. The time it took him to win that title was really something else. It showed off just what he is able to do when he is going one on one against an opponent. The Nebraska football staff likely looked on with great interest.

Nash Hutmacher managed to get through four matches in just a total of 1:59.

As it was pointed out by those who were watching the matches closely, the Husker target didn't even have to wrestle an entire period. While wrestling isn't a one to one tradeoff when it comes to football. It's not like the staff is going to be able to know exactly what kind of player he is because he was able to beat a bunch of very talented wrestlers while he was wrestling.

The good news is that he's also been proven to be a very good football player.

Nebraska football target still under the radar

Despite the fact that Nash Hutmacher is a 4-star prospect and the number one player in South Dakota for the 2020 class, he's still not getting a ton of attention from other FBS teams. In fact, he has just five total offers.

The flipside of that is that the teams that have come calling, are rather good.

The Huskers are going head to head with teams like Missouri, Iowa State, and Wisconsin. The good news is that most o the recruiting experts have the wrestling offensive lineman to be heading to Lincoln. Hutmacher has managed to climb up the rankings. He was the 412th ranked player in the 2020 class as recently as July 31.

Since that time, he's been showing the kind of athlete he really is. It's not a surprise that since the Nebraska football target has gotten to show off his abilities, he's jumped more than 130 spots in the rankings and is a legit 4-star player.