Mike Moustakas originally rejected a qualifying offer following the 2017 season. Ever since then, he's struggled to find the same value on the market. Mike Moustakas is now looking back and regretting rejecting the Royals qualifying offer from 2017 because he lost out on a ton of money by gambling on himself.

MLB's Ken Rosenthal tweeted out that Moustakas reached a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers on a one-year contract. The single-season deal is reported to be worth $10 million, a number lower than what Moustakas could have made if he resigned with the Royals.

Moustakas showed great power with the Kansas City Royals

As a Royals player in 2017, Moustakas shattered a franchise-record 38 homers and made the American League All-Star team, the Royals gave the third-baseman a $17.4 million offer. Moustakas and his agent Scott Boras rejected the offer, believing they could make more as a free agent. They believed that the Royals home run hitter would land a multi-year deal similar to his qualifying offer from the Kansas City Royals.

Moustakas dream offer never materialized and Moustakas ended up returning to Kansas City on a single-season $6.5 million deal worth up to $8.7 million including incentives. Following the 2018 season, Moustakas was still seeking a multi-year deal.

In a slow free agency market, with teams hesitant to commit big money to long-term deals, no teams stepped forward. This led him to where he is now, signing a one-year deal for half of what he rejected in November 2017.

Moustakas could have waited for Machado, Harper to sign before making a decision

WTMJ says Moustakas could have possibly waited until Manny Machado and Bryce Harper found a home.

Several teams are holding a place in the left side of their infield in hopes of signing at least Machado. However, once Machado settles with a team, the losers may have been happier to sign Moustakas on a multi-year deal.

It is Spring Training and mid-February and players want a place to play and call home. Pitchers and catchers reported last week and all position players will report by this coming Wednesday.

As it stands now Moustakas' earnings in 2018 and 2019 will rival what he could have made in 2018 alone.

It was previously reported that the Los Angeles Angels, San Diego Padres, and the Philadelphia Phillies were interested in signing him before Moustakas decided to return to the reigning National League Central champions. Moustakas played 934 of his first 988 MLB with Kansas City. He was a key player in getting Kansas City their first World Series title since 1985.