As the AAF tries to make its way in 2019, the XFL rumors for 2020 continue to heat up about how they'll compete. Part of that competition will include bringing in the right player talents to attract fans. An XFL Draft 2019 will take place ahead of the 2020 season. One recent report also indicates that the league was in talks to sign the controversial Colin Kaepernick, a player who seems to be unable to find his way back into the NFL. However, the talks with Kaepernick may not have progressed the way the XFL would like.

Kaepernick, agent spoke with XFL

Some people believe that Colin Kaepernick won't be able to get a contract to play football again. The XFL made their best attempt, though. A report recently surfaced from Sporting News about the matter, suggesting Kaepernick was in talks with the rebooted league. An XFL spokesman confirmed to Sporting News that the league had discussed a contract with Kaepernick this past fall.

Rumor has it that Kaepernick was asking way too much to participate in the league, though. Sporting News suggests that the former San Francisco 49ers QB was looking for at least a $20 million deal, which is much higher than the amount XFL plans to pay their quarterbacks. Earlier reports say that quarterbacks would make the most money in the XFL, but it won't be anywhere near $20 million per contract, yet.

In fact, they were expected to earn $250,000 at most.

Colin Kaepernick also tried to discuss a deal with the Alliance of American Football (AAF) which is currently in its inaugural season. However, that league currently pays every player $250,000 on a three-year contract. Some people feel there's still a chance he could return to the NFL, although after his recent collusion grievance case was settled, he may not be in need of a job or money right away.

XFL announces another head coach

So far there have been no players added to any team rosters. In fact, the eight XFL teams don't have any names, just city locations so far. However, there are three head coaches now for various teams.

The first coach to join the new 2020 XFL was Bob Stoops. The former Oklahoma Sooners coach will be the head coach and general manager for the Dallas franchise.

Stoops coached the Sooners to a National Championship during his 2000 season as head coach.

Pep Hamilton was recently announced as the coach for the Washington, DC XFL team. He'll also serve as general manager for that squad. Hamilton worked with Jim Harbaugh at Michigan and Stanford. He's also coached in different roles within the NFL. However, the XFL is his first head coaching gig.

On Monday (Feb. 25), fans learned that the Seattle XFL team will have Jim Zorn as their head coach. Zorn spent eight years as the quarterback for the Seattle Seahawks. He also played for the Green Bay Packers and then the CFL's Winnipeg Blue Bombers. Zorn was also the head coach for the NFL's Washington Redskins in 2008 and 2009. He finished with a record of 12-20 during that time.