The XFL 2020 is under a year away but there still aren't any team names, logos, or players for rosters. This past week saw the announcement of DC head coach Pep Hamilton, who will also serve as the team's GM. Hamilton is the second coach announced after former Oklahoma Sooners coach Bob Stoops was revealed to be Dallas' coach/GM. Now, the league will have to announce six more coaches, as well as team names, and of course, add players to teams through an XFL 2019 draft.

XFL team names coming soon

The eight XFL city locations are already known and have been for months now.

In addition to the Washington, D.C., and Dallas franchises there's also New York, St. Louis, Seattle, Houston, Los Angeles, and Tampa Bay. Those are some great sports areas, and now they'll need some XFL team names to start wearing on official gear.

XFL Commissioner Oliver Luck and the new DC coach/GM Pep Hamilton appeared on 106.7 the Fan program The Sports Junkies. During their visit, they discussed a number of XFL topics including when to expect team names.

During the first part of the interview, Luck revealed that XFL team names should be on the way towards the end of March or early April.

That should give fans in the various regions a good idea of potential gear they'll be sporting around the area. Luck didn't say if there would be logos or official merchandise at that time, but one might expect it would follow soon after.

XFL draft date revealed

Having coaches, team names and places to play football are all great.

Having rosters with talented players on them is even better, as they'll be crucial to making the reinvented league work. That will require the use of an XFL 2019 draft and signing players.

The main goal for the XFL seems to be attracting quality quarterbacks to the league, as Luck mentioned they'll pay QBs the highest salaries of any players.

When discussing the topic of adding players, the Commissioner said it will be after the NFL cutdown date, "which I think will be Sept. 2 this year." That means fans should expect to see players on XFL rosters in early September or shortly after.

Luck also said they'll be signing players spring and summer, asking them not to play during the fall after signing a contract. However, keep in mind that the XFL is going to have some interesting options for players that can join their league. They'll allow AAF players to sign with XFL teams. They'll also allow players out of college for grades or personal issues to participate in the league.

XFL players will each sign a one-year contract, and teams will have salary caps.

The fact that the coach also serves as the general manager will make things interesting too. In fact, DC coach Pep Hamilton said that's what attracted him to be part of this as he can "shop for the groceries" in addition to being the coach.