After months of guessing and speculating, it appears that Bryce Harper could finally settle down with a team. While Manny Machado continues to play the waiting game, CBS Sports and Jim Bowden report that talks between Harper and the Philadelphia Phillies appear to be getting warmer.

MLB Network tagged the Phillies as the top favorite to sign Harper as things appear to be getting serious. Philadelphia was expected to be the top suitor for Harper and even Machado. The Phillies have been ready to spend money this offseason. They've been making moves, and previously met with Harper in Las Vegas.

They continue to appear the top suitor for the former National League MVP.

Bryce Harper would add power to an already strong outfield

If Bryce Harper and the Phillies agree to terms, he would join an outfield that already boasts a lineup of newly acquired talent of J.T. Realmuto, Andrew McCutchen, and Jean Segura. Harper would join Nick Williams, Aaron Altherr and Roman Quinn in the outfield, opposite of McCutchen. The question that remains unanswered is whether Harper would stick to his desired deal, similar to the 10-year, $300 million deal he turned down from the Washington Nationals, prior to entering free agency, or if he would accept smaller and cheaper deals.

MLB Network's Jon Heyman believes that it will be a long-term deal with the Phillies if it were to happen.

So it's doubtful that a short-term, one or two-year contract would be considered. Bryce Harper joining the Phillies would be a major blow to the Nationals, who are fighting to regain control of the NL East. This signing would also help Harper hit 40 home runs in a much hitter-friendly home ballpark.

Bryce Harper turning the Phillies community upside down if he does sign

Reports have circulated over the past few days that claim Harper was close to or getting closer to a deal with the Philadelphia Phillies, after spending a week in Las Vegas, considering his options. In response to this possible signing, it was reported that the Phillies have called in all employees telling them to come to work Monday, despite it being a holiday, and that the sales staff was also specifically called.

This could point to Phillies getting ready for a mass frenzy of ticket orders if Bryce Harper announces he is signing with the team.

Bryce Harper has only played for the Washington Nationals, who drafted him in 2010. Harper managed to win Rookie of the Year and MVP honors but still has never been able to win a playoff series. Fans and the Philadelphia community will just have to wait and see whether Harper signs on the dotted line.