There are eight Xfl 2020 teams for the upcoming football league, created by Vince McMahon and his group. As of right now, those teams still lack names, logos, uniforms, coaches, and, of course, players. While the salary disparity between the NFL and XFL might be a huge discouraging factor in terms of which players come to the league, different rules might help. Below are more details on how talented XFL players could end up coming to the league.

NFL Draft eligibility rules don't apply to XFL

While current or former NFL stars could join the XFL, what about younger talents such as college stars?

An NBC Sports Pro Football Talk report cites an XFL spokesperson as saying "player eligibility guidelines are in development" for the league right now. However, they added that "the XFL is not restricted by the rules that exist in other professional football leagues." That opens the door for XFL players to enter this league differently.

For a player to be eligible for the NFL draft, they have to have been out of high school for at least three years. In addition, they have to have used up all of their college eligibility before the next college football season.

So a player can enter the draft for the year after their college eligibility ends. So far, the XFL 2020 league isn't going by that set of rules, but it's subject to change.

The Alliance of American Football plans to use similar eligibility rules to the NFL, and it's going to compete directly with XFL. They've got a jump on things since they have team names such as the Orlando Apollos, Memphis Express, and Birmingham Iron.

There are no cities with teams that have XFL teams right now.

XFL rumors: Trevor Lawrence an option?

A lot has been made about the talent that young Clemson Tigers quarterback Trevor Lawrence has. In the National Championship Game, Lawrence was 20-of-32 with 347 yards, three touchdowns, and no interceptions. That helped the Tigers capture the title with a dominant 44-16 win over the No.

1 Alabama Crimson Tide. It brought the praise and attention to Lawrence for what was a perfect season.

Lawrence is just a freshman, which is exciting for Clemson fans. In college basketball, he might be on his way to the professional league after this sort of season. Per the NFL's rules, he's unable to declare eligibility for the NFL draft after this first season at Clemson. At 19, Lawrence has two more years left as a member of Clemson's football team, or another team if he transfers. So no NFL until 2021, it seems. What about the XFL, though?

With the potential for the XFL rules to allow younger players to join the league, it seems like it could open the door for Lawrence to enter the league in 2020.

A lot of debates continue to rage over how much college athletes do and how little they seem to get back in terms of compensation. However, if this is an option for Lawrence, he may opt to become the face of the rebooted XFL. If he plays his cards right, he'd align himself perfectly with the league as it gets things right this time.

As mentioned, there are no XFL players right now, and this league will need to figure out a way to generate fan interest besides just hyping up a "different product." Having some young stars in the league certainly won't hurt, and a guy like Trevor Lawrence could easily become the face of a city's XFL franchise, and the face of this bold new football product. The XFL salary seems to benefit quarterbacks already.

Keep in mind that the XFL rumors suggest eligibility rules are still in development. However, if they really want to make a powerful impact and statement they may just allow players like Lawrence and other underclassmen to opt for the XFL ahead of the NFL or AAF.