New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton appears to have moved on from the missed penalty during the NFC Championship game. However, fans are furious over a decision that could have kept them out of the Super Bowl. It happened on Sunday with less than two minutes left in the game.

Drew Brees and company were in the red zone and Bress tried to connect to receiver Tommylee Lewis on a third-down play. LA Rams defender Nickell Robey-Coleman also appeared to have committed a helmet-to-helmet penalty at the five-yard line along with the missed passed interference penalty.

However, no penalties were called.

Missed call helped the Rams send the game to overtime

The ref's failure led to the Saints kicking a field goal on fourth down. Los Angeles ended up tying the game with a field goal and leading into forced overtime. The Rams eventually won and secured their spot in Super Bowl LIII. New Orleans fans were furious, taking to social media to air their anger as well as taking legal action against the NFL.

Yahoo Sports confirmed that multiple lawsuits have been filed by Saints fans, calling on the NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to replay the moment in question. Saints fan Matt Bowers aired his grievances by renting multiple billboards across Atlanta. Bars across Atlanta have also refused to air Super Bowl LIII.

One bakery in Atlanta started selling cookies that blasted NFL referee Bill Vinovich, who was responsible for missing the pass interference penalty. Bowers told ESPN that he is going to do all he can to bring as much attention to this issue as possible and that he wouldn't stop until he made the NFL miserable.

New Orleans Saints not taking legal action

The New Orleans Saints organization have not taken any legal action against the NFL. However, Saints owner Gayle Benson shared his disappointment over what happened during the NFC Championship game. He also said that no team should lose their shot at a Lombardi Trophy over actions by those who were responsible for ensuring a fair game.

He also acknowledged that teams and fans were deprived of that chance on Sunday.

Benson has been in contact with the NFL over the events in question during the championship game. He will spend the offseason fighting for changes in NFL policies, to keep teams and fans from having to go through what the New Orleans organization and fan base had to endure. Fans are demanding a rematch, pointing to an NFL rule that Goodell as commissioner has the ability to take certain actions if any serious action had a serious effect on the game. The action includes the ability to order a rematch. If Goodell ordered a rematch, which is unlikely, he could schedule it for Sunday during the Pro Bowl.