LeBron James has been out of action for the Los Angeles Lakers since Christmas Day. In that game against the Golden State Warriors, LeBron went down with what the Lakers called a severe groin injury. Since James had never suffered an injury that bad before, he was kept out until he was safely ready to return since he had never experienced a recovery from that type of injury either.

With that said, LeBron's agent said that it was a tendon problem, which is more than a groin sprain and one former NFL doctor said that a tendon tear in the groin would keep him out for up to two months, which is terrible news for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Now, according to head coach Luke Walton, the team needs to prepare for life without LeBron James.

Walton on life without LeBron

Luke Walton said that the Los Angeles Lakers have to prepare to play on in this season as if LeBron James won't be back in a while. He said that they hope that he will return soon but they have to be ready if this injury -- as his agent predicted -- might be longer lasting than expected.

This is the longest that LeBron James has ever missed at one time in his career. Originally, the Lakers diagnosed the injury as a three-to-six week ordeal. However, if the tendon is right, it should have been six to eight weeks before he was set to return and the team is about to pass the one-month mark.

That has not been good for the Los Angeles Lakers and their 2018-19 NBA season. While players like Kyle Kuzma and Lonzo Ball (who is now out for over a month as well with his own injury) said that they should be able to handle things without LeBron James, they haven't.

Lakers getting by without LeBron

The Los Angeles Lakers have lost nine of their 14 games since LeBron James fell to his injury.

The Lakers had moved up to fourth in the Western Conference with LeBron and then fell to half-a-game below the playoff bubble line after their most recent loss. Without LeBron (and now Lonzo, although they are getting Rajon Rondo back tonight), they can't win.

Luke Walton said that the team will keep fighting and the Lakers ownership gave their support to the coach today, admitting that he has struggled with the injuries to his star players.

Walton said that the team will go into next week with the expectations that LeBron won't be back and they have to practice and play to win without him.

Walton's exact words were that they were going to play as if "we're not going to have him for a while." He also said this isn't just about LeBron James injury but playing without any Los Angeles Lakers player on the roster.