Nebraska football commit Dedrick Mills' situation both cleared up a bit and got a bit hazier at the same time this week. Earlier this week it was revealed by the Omaha World-Herald that the JUCO prospect did not sign with the Huskers on December 19 because he was busy dealing with an arrest from December 14. On that day, he was taken into custody on a bench warrant stemming from his failure to appear for a citation dating back to July when he was cited for speeding and driving with a suspended license.

The good news is that Mills received probation on December 19 and it appears, as long as he stipulates to any requirements the court requires, that arrest should be properly dealt with.

The bad news is that the man the Nebraska football team had been hoping would be able to join the program this month, has gotten himself into more legal trouble after the narrative had been that sort of thing had been left in the past.

Dedrick Mills and his repeated brushes with trouble

RedditCFB points out that the arrest for driving under a suspended license isn't even close to the first time the Nebraska football commit has had legal problems. Before joining Garden City Community College, Mills was a star running back for the Georgia tech Yellow Jackets. He left the program after one season because he reportedly failed three separate drug tests in a 20 month period of time. All three tests were said to be due to weed use but it was enough for the program to move on without him.

He didn't correct his decision-making issues when he first got to the JUCO ranks either.

When he first enrolled at Garden City, he reportedly passed just three of his first six classes. On one side of this, we can look at a kid who managed to pull himself out of what appeared to be a very real tailspin and is either eligible or nearly eligible to play for the Nebraska football team. On the other hand, the arrest in July shows that Dedrick Mills is still prone to very large lapses in judgment.

Does the talent outweigh the trouble for Nebraska football?

There is very little doubt that Dedrick Mills is one of the most talented back in the nation for the 2019 class and that leaves the Huskers in a bit of a conundrum. That bind is fueled by the fact that Mills could have still signed his papers after December 19 and has not. The back, who has shown an ability to run over, around, and through defenders at every level is done at Garden City Community College. He's not headed to Lincoln yet. Dedrick Mills isn't talking so we can't get the story from him. The Nebraska football coaches can't talk about him until he is officially a member of the program. For now, the situation is still a bit of a mystery, but the odds that he ends up in Lincoln appear to be getting smaller by the day.