Despite what by all accounts was a fantastic signing day for the Nebraska football team, there is one question that remains on Friday morning. Running back Dedrick Mills has been a commit to the Huskers for months. According to those close to the situation, he still wants to come to Lincoln. That arrival is increasingly looking like it will at the very least, be delayed.

The Nebraska football team has several targets that it will have to continue to recruit into February. Tavian Mayo is one such player Scott Frost and company are still going to have to work on.

Desmond Bland is a Husker commit the team knew wasn’t signing until February coming into the early signing period.

Nebraska football losing a running back?

Neither situation is really similar to of Mills. The junior college star has been thought to be someone who would sign in December and be on campus in January. Then, the first day of the early signing period came and went without an official LOI from Mills. After some initial panic that the former Georgia Tech star was having second thoughts about joining the Nebraska football, it turned out that there were just some issues with his paperwork. After that revelation, experts made it clear that there was a very good chance the JUCO player could get his stuff together before the early signing period ends.

The problem now is that the early signing period is almost over.

Dedrick Mills silent on the situation

There are just hours left in the period when a player can sign a letter of intent with a school before February. Husker fans haven’t heard much of anything from Nebraska or Dedrick Mills on what exactly is going on. The school has officially kept silent through all of this largely because they have to until the player is an official member of the team.

Mills has also been quite silent. The back has never been a prolific social media user. Members of the Métis have mentioned that he’s often hard to get a hold of.

That might be true most of the time, but it feels like this quiet is more about Dedrick Mills not knowing what’s going to happen next either.

It’s important to note that not getting an LOI signed today doesn’t mean an end to the Mills saga. This is the great aspect of the early signing period. If the Nebraska football team can’t get this settled by the end of the day today, they have two months to get things settled. The downside of that is he would miss out on spring practices. One way or another we’ll get a partial solution to this situation when the early signing period clock hits zero. It's conceivable a recruiting class that was Top 20 in the country coming into the week is going to have to go with a plan B in this class should the situation drag on.