The Los Angeles Lakers have struggled without LeBron James in the lineup. There seem to be changes needed if Los Angeles wants to be more than a one-player team and that means bringing in other stars. There have been big names mentioned -- names that won't hap[pen without major losses for the Lakers in young talent. However, there is also one name that could come to Los Angeles for nothing more than a respectable contract. That name is Carmelo Anthony, and it seems like LeBron James would love for that to happen.

Carmelo Anthony to the Lakers?

Carmelo Anthony has struggled to find a home recently.

It seems that his specific playset is no longer in style in the NBA. He played for the Oklahoma City Thunder last season and while he opted into his contract and wanted to stay, the Thunder felt they would be better off without him.

The Thunder traded Melo to the Atlanta Hawks, acquiring Dennis Schroder, which ended up as a huge upgrade surprisingly as well as a savings of tens of millions of dollars. Atlanta then offered Anthony a buyout and he left the team in July. Melo then signed with the Houston Rockets to team with Chris Paul and James Harden but they have since moved on without him.

The problem is that Carmelo Anthony is still under contract to the Houston Rockets and they want to trade him.

Melo hasn't played since November 8.

LeBron James wants Carmelo Anthony with Lakers

Someone posted a photo on Instagram that showed Carmelo Anthony standing beside LeBron James -- both men wearing Los Angeles Lakers jerseys. Sure, it was a photoshopped picture but interestingly, LeBron went onto Instagram and clicked the Like button on the photo.

When Slam Sports said that Carmelo's always been "cold-blooded," LeBron responded, "always been and still is."

LeBron James has said there are very few people in the NBA that he considers a friend. One of those men is Dwyane Wade, who he struck up an initial friendship with at the NBA Combine when they came into the NBA. However, his days with Carmelo Anthony goes back further -- as they played around each other in high school and have been friends since their teen years.

Carmelo Anthony is not the star player that he was when he was younger. He struggled to change his game when the NBA started to change. It was similar to when Allen Iverson went from all-star to out of the league within two seasons. However, Melo showed he wants to change and with LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers, he could find his groove once again.