Former NFL star Greg Hardy was disqualified in his match against UFC fighter Allen Crowder at UFC Brooklyn this past weekend. Despite a history of domestic violence, Dana White decided to give him a second chance. Deadspin reports that the disqualification came after the ex-NFL player threw an illegal knee to Crowder's head when he was already downed.

UFC crowd not supportive of Hardy as a UFC fighter

Because of his domestic violence past, fans did not warm up to the former NFL player and instead booed him as he made his way from the tunnel to the octagon.

The boos increased as he was introduced at the start. Later when he was disqualified the crowd shouted "a-hole."

Allen Crowder did not like the athlete turned UFC fighter either and refused to touch gloves with him. Greg began to throw some strong punches at Crowder, but they did not send him to the mat. Crowder's punches did not have much power in comparison to Hardy's. Allen attempted to take down the former NFL player, but could not get him to the mat. Hardy used the cage to kick up. Hardy got Crowder to the mat and connected two hammer fists.

Greg Hardy came out swinging in the second round

The NFL pro seemed to open up more during the second round, after listening to his team in the corner.

Greg Hardy connected a superman punch to Crowder. Crowder started talking trash to Hardy, egging him on to go at him. Hardy responded, but Crowder ended up winning that exchange.

Greg defended a takedown attempt by Crowder but delivered an illegal blow to the side of Crowder's head. UFC referee Dan Miragliotta immediately ran in and stopped the fight.

He warned Hardy that he would disqualify him if Crowder was incapable of continuing. Doctors signaled that Crowder could not continue, delivering a disqualification to Greg.

Former NFL star wastes his first fight by receiving DQ

The crowd immediately starting chanting "a-hole" at Hardy. This fight was a disaster for Hardy. He appears to either not know the rules or didn't care about the outcome of the illegal blow.

Hardy's knockout power will probably secure him a spot inside the octagon sometime in the future.

MMA Fighting reports that Crowder has not fought since 2017 when he suffered a loss against heavyweight Justin Willis. Despite leaving the match with a DQ victory, he did deliver a strong performance against the unpopular Greg Hardy. Crowder will now fight an unranked heavyweight in his next match. Fans are wondering how Dana White will respond to the actions of Greg.