Despite finishing with a winning record in 2018, the Mariners are tearing things down and entering a rebuild. They already traded away Paxton to the Yankees and they're deal to send Cano and Diaz to the Mets is almost official. With the rebuild going on, they will look to trade most of their players and one player they will try to trade is second baseman and center fielder Dee Gordon.

In 2018, Gordon spent time batting leadoff and last with a .268/.288/.349 slash line with 30 stolen bases. Gordon didn't do so great last year but his career numbers show that he can do better as he has a career slash line of .289/.322/.364 with 308 stolen bases and 977 hits.

Gordon has twice reached the 200 hit plateau and has stole 30+ bases in six seasons.

Gordon is under contract for three more seasons earning $40.5 million so the Mariners likely will have to cover a bit of the remaining salary if they trade him. Here are some possible trades that could happen for Gordon.


To LAA: Gordon, James Pazos and $2 million for the next three seasons

To SEA: P Jesus Castillo, SS Nonnie Williams, and two minor league players

The Angels are trying to not waste Mike Trout again by missing out on the playoffs as they have for the past few seasons. Right now they're set to open the season with Zack Cozart at second base but the Angels brought him in to play third base. The Angels could shift Cozart back to third by acquiring Gordon in a trade from the Mariners.

Gordon would go over to the Angels with relief pitcher James Pazos for the Angels number 12 prospect Jesus Castillo, number 20 prospect Nonnie Williams as well as two minor league players.

This would work for the Angels as they would get their second baseman and leadoff hitter in Dee Gordon who, with his speed, would be the perfect fit batting ahead of Trout, Upton, and Ohtani and would score a lot of runs for the Angels.

Pazos would also be a nice addition for the Angels bullpen. The Angels would also not hurt from giving up Williams as they currently have an elite defensive shortstop in Simmons and they also have four shortstops ahead of him on their prospect list.

This deal would work out for the Mariners as they would get four players that could help them in the future.

The Mariners are always plagued by the injury bug when it comes to their starters, so Castillo can eventually fit into the back of their rotation and Williams has a lot of work to do but he has tons of time as he isn't expected to reach the big leagues until 2021.


To LAD: Gordon and James Pazos

To SEA: P Mitchell White, C Connor Wong, and one minor league player

Gordon could possibly be traded to the other side of Los Angeles and head back to where it all started as he was originally drafted by the Dodgers. The Dodgers have struggled at the keystone position for the past few years and Gordon would solve those issues. Along with Gordon, the Dodgers would also get Pazos who would be a welcoming addition to the Dodgers bullpen especially with their struggles of middle and long relievers in the past few years.

Heading to Seattle would be Dodgers number seven prospect Mitchell White, number 16 prospect Connor Wong and a minor league player.

This would be a good deal for the Dodgers as they would be getting help at two positions where it's needed. Gordon would also help improve the Dodgers infield defense in which they had some issues in the infield last season. Pazos would help the Dodgers bullpen which has blown many games in the past few years.

The Mariners would benefit from this deal from by not having to cover any salary and getting two quality prospects in return. White has done a magnificent job at limiting the long ball and has some swing and miss potential. If Wong can improve his defensive skills, Wong could be the future catcher for the Mariners who have an opening at that position as they traded Zunino to the Rays earlier in the offseason.


To MIL: Gordon and $12.5 million

To SEA: P Caden Lemons, P Aaron Ashby, and 1B/3B Chad McClanahan

The Brewers won the NL Central in 2018 but have some areas of weakness on their roster which include the middle infield after they non-tendered Schoop. As a small market team who isn't typically used to spending big money on free agents, they could try and acquire Gordon from the Mariners. One potential return for Gordon would be the Brewers number 14 prospect, Caden Lemons, number 18 prospect Aaron Ashby and number 24 prospect Chad McClanahan.

The Brewers would be getting a leadoff hitter which would allow the Brewers to slide Cain down to the number two or three spots in the order and they would have Gordon and his blazing fast speed bat behind Cain, Aguilar, and MVP Christian Yelich.

This deal will also allow the Brewers to shift Perez back to a super utility role which the Brewers seem keen on doing and they would also get some of Gordon's salary covered.

The Mariners would get a strong return for their speedster by getting three of the Brewers top 30 prospects. Cadon Lemons had a decent season in a limited amount of time but has shown promise and has tons of time to develop. Ashby did well at limiting home runs and walks and has time to develop as a decent starter at the major league level and McClanahan has lots of time to to get better.