The Nebraska football team has four running backs committed to the school in the 2019 recruiting class. That class is already inside the Top 20 rankings and that's before all four backs have officially signed on the dotted line. Among the backs that are likely going to be coming to Lincoln is New Jersey native Rahmir Johnson. The speed burner of the class, Johnson has managed to stay loyal and true to the Huskers despite the fact that he knows there's plenty of competition in the 2019 class as well as plenty of competition already on the Cornhuskers' roster.

Johnson recently talked to 247Sports and made it clear that he doesn't care that there is going to be plenty of competition.

Rahmir Johson brings speed few backs have

It appears one of the reasons the New Jersey back is so confident he can win a job with the Nebraska football team is because he brings an aspect to the game the other backs in the class can't claim. Wandale Robinson certainly has elusiveness. So does Ronald Thompkins when he's healthy (he likely won't be in 2019.) Despite that elusiveness, Robinson especially is someone who brings other tools to the field more than just blinding speed. The other back in the group, Dedrick Mills is much more a basher, someone who could take the role of Devine Ozigbo next year.

Rahmir Johnson has breakaway speed the Cornhuskers have been missing out on the last few years. He's someone who could explode towards the goal line once he gets past the line. He showed that ability in high school this year. Johnson amassed 1,334 yards and added another 140 receiving in 2018. He'll be looking to do similar things for the Huskers in 2019.

Nebraska football finding players willing to compete

One aspect of what Rahmir Johnson brings to the table can't be measured with a speed gun. Yes, he runs a sub 22 in the 200 on the track. What sets him apart from other prospects the Huskers have talked to in the past year is that he really doesn't seem to have any problem coming into Lincoln knowing he's going to have to fight off others for playing time.

Rahmir Johnson committed to the Nebraska football, he also recently told 247 Sports he'll play wherever he's needed. "My goal for my first year in Nebraska is to ... do whatever I can to help Nebraska win games, whether I’m at running back, slot wideout, kick returner or even blocking punts." The Huskers have been looking for freshmen like this running back for a while now. He'll likely sign on December 19 and thus begin the next chapter of his career.