When it comes to recruiting the way that Nebraska football is doing it, things move quite fast. It appears things are about to move quite a bit faster. If Michael Lynn can be believed, it appears the Huskers and their fans are about to get very good news at some point on Wednesday. The Cornhuskers offensive tackle commit tweeted out on Wednesday morning. "huge news coming in later today... y’all gonna love it!" The Colorado prospect got tongues wagging, such as they can wag when talking about social media. There has been one big guess on just what Lynn meant when he sent that message out.

Wandale Robinson incoming?

In the last 24 hours, rumors began swirling that Wandale Robinson was rethinking his commitment to the Kentucky Wildcats. There was even talk that he had decided the Nebraska football team was now back in the lead when it comes to landing his services. Shortly after the Huskers' season ended, the coaching staff made a decent show of opening up his recruitment again. It now appears that it might have all paid off.

Clues are lining up for the Nebraska football team

Lynn's tweet isn't the only thing that has people thinking Wandale Robinson might be about to pull the trigger on a new commitment.

Shortly after the Huskers' commit tweeted out the big news was coming, another tweet surfaced that hints something is certainly in the works. Twitter user William Stone had reportedly been commissioned to make the graphics that Robinson would use to announce he was committing to the Huskers back in November. Shortly after the running back changed his mind and picked Kentucky, Stone tweeted out the graphic he had made with the caption "I only did what I was told." It was an obvious message to Twitter and Husker fans that Robinson was indeed, at one time, going to commit to Nebraska.

On Wednesday morning, Stone tweeted out a similar message saying "I only did as I was told last week." The wording of that tweet certainly seemed to be another way to let people know what Lynn's message means. There are now more than a few people that have become convinced it means the Huskers are about to get what is now the top-rated player in Kentucky.

A commit not named Robinson?

There is, of course, a chance that Lynn and Stone are talking about another player entirely. The Nebraska football team has plenty of offers out there. Wandale Robinson is the target that has been talked about more than most recently. The key is that it appears Cornhuskers fans will find out some very good news one way or the other Wednesday afternoon.