The Dodgers and Reds are involved in one of the biggest trades of the offseason. The deal sends the Dodgers' Yasiel Puig, Matt Kemp, Alex Wood, and Kyle Farmer, plus some cash to Cincinnati, in exchange for Homer Bailey, Jeter Downs, and Josiah Gray. The Dodgers are releasing Bailey, making him a free agent. NBC Sports reports that the December 21 trade frees up more money for the team to spend on other players. The Dodgers ended up under the luxury-tax threshold for the first time in six seasons. The two teams have been rumored to be making a massive deal for weeks.

Downs and Gray are the seventh and twentieth ranked prospects in the Reds system. The deal was clearly done to clear salary for L.A.

Dodgers appear to be considering Bryce Harper

The main takeaway from this deal is that the Dodgers could be getting ready to make Bryce Harper an offer. However, they can't sign him and stay under the luxury tax at the same time. The Reds no longer have to pay Homer Bailey. Unfortunately, they've ended up paying him $58 million to be injured and ineffective since 2016. Both Puig and Wood are strong league players and paid reasonably well. Both could end up in free agency at the end of 2019.

SB Nation reports that Matt Kemp was one of the top players for the Dodgers in 2018.

However, his salary continues to get shuffled around by different times. This is the second time the Dodgers front office dumped his massive deal, which is set to expire at the end of next year. The Dodgers appear to also be interested in acquiring Corey Kluber via a trade.

Bryce Harper a perfect match for Los Angeles

At the start of the Harper sweepstakes, the Dodgers seemed like a landing spot for the star outfielder.

The Dodgers could offer Harper a chance to win and a large market in Los Angeles. Harper could help improve the roster by quite a bit.

The Dodgers made this trade, partly due to their surplus of outfielders and pitchers. Right now, the Dodgers' biggest need is a catcher, a position that the team has excelled at in the past.

This deal just increases the rumors of Harper moving to Los Angeles. The Dodgers don't want to face a luxury tax, so it could be tricky to figure this all out. The team has become one of the wealthiest franchises in the league, so they could afford to spend some money if they really wanted to get Harper. Harper is attempting to get the biggest salary ever, which explains his waiting around and not making a quick decision.