On Monday night, the Los Angeles Lakers will battle the Miami Heat. For the Lakers, it is a chance to close the gap on the Western Conference lead, as they sit just 1.5 games back of the Golden State Warriors. For the Heat, it is a chance to pull into the playoff race, as they sit half-a-game outside the playoff portion of the Eastern Conference. However, for two other players, it could mean the last time that they will meet up with each other in an NBA game.

Monday night in Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James will take on the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade.

Wade, possibly the closest friend that James has in the entire NBA, will take the court with LeBron for one last time and both men said that it will be a very special moment.

LeBron on Wade

A reporter was asking LeBron James about Dwyane Wade after the Los Angeles Lakers beat the Memphis Grizzlies. LeBron admitted that he does not really have hardly any friends in the NBA, but then mentioned three names that he considers close friends. Those names were Carmelo Anthony, who LeBron grew close to as youngsters, Chris Paul, who James became friends with in high school, and Wade, who connected with Lebron at the NBA Combine.

When talking about the final game he might play against Dwyane Wade, who said he will retire at the end of the season, LeBron James said that it was "bitter" and "sweet." He said that it was "sweet" and "sour." LeBron said it was sweet because this is part of the journey he has taken with his "brother" and always loves to be on the court with Wade.

The "sour" part is that this will be their last time to share an NBA court.

Dwyane on LeBron

Dwyane Wade also spoke about his relationship with LeBron James and their impact on the NBA. Together, the two men won NBA titles with the Miami Heat. Both men were All-Stars in the NBA and the two will both one day be in the Basketball Hall of Fame.

Wade said that LeBron James is probably his closest friend in the NBA outside of Udonis Haslem. Wade said the final game against James will be "a little bit more." He said that their paths through the NBA will always be "linked together forever."

Much like LeBron said, Wade agreed that it will mean a lot when they play each other on Monday night.

Wade called it the "end of a chapter" in the lives of both men and is the end of the chapter of them as competitors on a basketball court.

The Los Angeles Lakers and LeBron James will host the Miami Heat and Dwyane Wade on Monday night at 7:30 p.m. PST.