While the Los Angeles Lakers are enjoying recent success with the addition of LeBron James, some people feel they will need at least another major star to succeed. There have been recent Lakers rumors suggesting LeBron wants Carmelo Anthony on the team, but that's not exactly the type of superstar they might need. Meanwhile, recent comments from Kevin Durant may give more of an idea about why some of the league's top NBA stars won't want to join LeBron in LA.

Durant on why stars won't play with LeBron

Kevin Durant is an NBA champion and often one of the top players in the NBA when he plays.

The two-time NBA finals MVP and multiple-time All-Star is also on a team full of stars. Their offense has things right with three of the All-Star starters able to score in bunches on most nights. However, he doesn't feel other top star players will want to head to the Los Angeles Lakers with LeBron James.

Durant is quoted in a Bleacher Report article as saying "it depends on what kind of player you are." He brought up examples of different players such as Kyle Korver vs Kawhi Leonard. KD mentioned that Korver makes sense to play alongside LeBron as he needs a guy who can pass and penetrate for him to have open shots.

Durant brought up the difference with Kawhi Leonard, a top-tier NBA star who has the ball in hands way more often.

A player of Leonard's type is one that KD feels wouldn't fit well with LeBron James in L.A. KD said there are also younger players who may not need the type of player LeBron is, as they are "developing" their games.

Another point that Durant brought up, is that there's constant media scrutiny involving LeBron James.

The Warriors All-Star said "even the beat writers just fawn" over James. KD said he doesn't think it's even about basketball at some point. Some people may view those comments as jealous, but that's open to interpretation.

That said, there have even been rumors suggesting Kevin Durant might leave his current Warriors team in free agency.

Some of the speculations have hinted at KD joining the Lakers too.

LeBron ignores criticism, responds to comments

The recent comments were brought to LeBron's attention following a 42-point performance the other night against the San Antonio Spurs. LeBron said, "I could care less" and basically took the stance that he's beyond all the personal stuff at this stage in his career. The NBA star said it's more important for him to see his teammates hitting big shots in the fourth quarter, as they did in the 121-113 win over the Spurs. The video below captures more of what King James had to say.

While Kevin Durant's comments make some sense from a standpoint of wanting to be "the man" for a team, they may not make sense for a star player in pursuit of an NBA championship.

Ironically, Kevin Durant is a player who chose to go to a new team which already had several stars in place and was capable of winning titles. LeBron is part of a rebuilding process which centers around him in the latter stages of what is still a highly-productive career.

Most likely there are players out there willing to put pride aside in order to win that elusive first NBA title. Time will tell which of the top stars may be the first to decide to join the Lakers' mission.