Two of the best teams in the NFL right now are the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams and many believe that the Monday Night Football game next week will be a preview of this year's Super Bowl. Sadly, that game was supposed to take place in Mexico City but has been moved back to Los Angeles. This has made a lot of fans who bought plane tickets and reserved hotel rooms unhappy as they are losing money on the game being moved. With the said, the NFL felt it had no choice and many players said they would sit out the game due to the condition of Estadio Azteca -- the field the game was supposed to take place on.

The reason the NFL moved out of Mexico City

The NFL believed that the game would take place in Mexico City when they went to look at the Estadio Azteca field. Even with concerts (including a monster show with Shakira) and soccer games taking place on the field, the NFL believed it could whip it up into shape before the Monday Night Football game.

Then the rains came and more events took place on the field. On Monday of this week, officials went to the Estadio Azteca field and saw that it was destroyed. It was decided that the field was so bad that there was no way to get it into shape for a safely played NFL game. Players saw the condition and said they would not risk their careers by playing on it and the game was moved back to Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Rams did what they could to try to make this positive. With the terrible wildfires, the Rams offered thousands of free tickets to first responders and they also offered discount tickets to season ticket holders.

However, this was still a black eye on the NFL and the people who run Estadio Azteca.

Previewing the Rams vs. Chiefs

According to ESPN, most fans in Mexico are fans of the biggest NFL teams -- the Dallas Cowboys, Pittsburgh Steelers, Oakland Raiders and New England Patriots. The Kansas City Chiefs and Los Angeles Rams have fewer fans there, but that does not mean this isn't going to be the biggest Monday Night Football game of the season.

The Kansas City Chiefs (9-1) have the best record in the AFC by a distance. The New England Patriots (7--3) and Los Angeles Chargers (7-2) are the closest and the Chiefs look to have the best shot at home-field advantage in the playoffs.

The Los Angeles Rams (9-1) had that but then they lost to the New Orleans Saints (8-1) and need help to get back into the top. Despite that, they are at worst, the second-best team in the NFC. In Mexico or the United States, this is the best game of the week easily.