When the Dallas Cowboys released Dez Bryant, he had a few options including signing with the Baltimore Ravens. He rejected all offers and said he was going to wait for the perfect opportunity to come open. Now that the NFL season is heading into its 10th week, the playoff landscape is starting to clear up and there is one team that looks like they could be Super Bowl contenders. They also needed a wide receiver and found a perfect one in Dez Bryant -- the New Orleans Saints.

Bryant signs with Saints

Dez Bryant wanted to find a team that could use his skills and a team that could give him a chance to win a Super Bowl.

That team is the New Orleans Saints. The Saints gave Bryant a one-year deal, which is all he needed to show that he can still play at a high level and also one that gives him a chance for the Super Bowl that he never had with the Dallas Cowboys.

The Dez Bryant contract is still not known as this time outside of the fact that it is just for the remainder of this season. However, what is known is that Bryant will become a starter and will contribute as immediately when he learns the playbook. There is also the fact that this is the best opportunity that Bryant has had since he entered the NFL -- better than what he had with the Dallas Cowboys.

What this NFL move means

The New Orleans Saints are currently the number one team in the NFC.

That team was the Los Angeles Rams but the Saints beat the Rams last weekend to give Los Angeles their first loss of the season. With the Saints only having one loss, they are now in control of their destiny for a top seed in the playoffs if they keep winning.

Right now, the Saints might have the best triplets in NFL history -- even better than Troy Aikman, Emmitt Smith and Michael Irving were in Dallas.

Drew Brees is possibly the most accurate quarterback to ever play in the NFL. Michael Thomas is an explosive playmaker that can do anything in this offense. Alvin Kamara is the most exciting running back in the NFL.

Here is what this means for Dez Bryant. In Dallas, even with Tony Romo, Dez had to get open to get a pass sent his way.

Once he got the ball, there were very few people who could stop him. Plus, he could catch the ball in traffic against almost anyone. With Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints, Bryant does not have to get open because Brees can throw the ball into any window.

Plus, Dez Bryant never had anyone like Michael Thomas playing across from his with the Dallas Cowboys and Alvin Kamara is better than anyone who has played in Dallas outside of possibly Ezekiel Elliott and he was just a rookie with Dez. The New Orleans Saints gives Bryant a chance to just run routes, catch balls and do what he does best -- dominate cornerbacks.