Brandon Marshall was one of the best wide receivers in the NFL for many years, but something happened to him. He actually holds the NFL record for most seasons in a row with over 100 receptions at six but that was a long time ago. The wide receiver played for the Denver Broncos and Chicago Bears -- as a star in both cities -- before a stint with the quarterback-challenged New York Jets made him look very bad. He then signed with the New York Giants, who played him for five games and dropped him in the offseason, and the Seattle Seahawks who signed him and played him in seven games where he only had 11 receptions.

Now, he is ready to start his career over with the New Orleans Saints.

Marshall and the Saints

What is crazy is that the New Orleans Saints chose not to sign Brandon Marshall last week. The receiver said he had his suit packed and was ready to join the Saints after working out for them and then learned they were signing Dez Bryant instead. Then in a stroke of bad luck for Dez Bryant, Brandon Marshall got a second chance.

Bryant, who looked like he was in the best place in his career with the New Orleans Saints, tore his Achilles in practice before ever playing a down. As a result, the Saints have signed Marshall and hope that he can regain a little of his past glory as he works his way into what looks like a third receiver role with the Saints.

However, with Drew Brees throwing the ball, there is a chance Brandon Marshall could get a monster upgrade.

Marshall talks his career

Brandon Marshall spoke to ESPN about his signing with the New Orleans Saints and he knows what people think about him. Marshall said that he realizes that people think that he is "washed up" and "done." However, the receiver said that people don't realize that he was playing hurt with the Seahawks and Giants.

He finished last season with the Giants on the injured reserve with a hurt ankle. Marshall then needed to have toe surgery. He then had a hamstring injury over the summer. He went to the Seattle Seahawks and tried but couldn't get things going, playing hurt. He only caught 11 passes for 136 yards and a touchdown.

Now Brandon Marshall is playing with Drew Brees, an upgrade from his past quarterbacks (Eli Manning, Josh McCown, and Jay Cutler).

With the New Orleans Saints sitting with just one loss, they are in a perfect position to make a Super Bowl run. Marshall could help them.

Brandon Marshall said that being waived twice in one season was "interesting" and helped him build character. However, he said he is completely healthy now and the New Orleans Saints are giving him a chance to prove he can still play at a high level.